Sunday, November 25, 2012

Winter wishlist : Sunrooms

What is the first thing that strikes in your mind whenever you think about Chilly winter? A cup of very HOT coffee?? Tea?? Or just curling up in warm blanket? We have been witnessing some REAL cold mornings these days and I am missing some sunlight for my body. Yes, afternoons are very warm in Kathmandu but my office space lacks sunlight though I can see warm environment outside my office cabin.

Here are some really good ideas for making sunlight more delightful in our home and office. Some call it open space in the sun and some 'Sunrooms'. Bright and open Sunrooms are my in wish list these days. Hope I will be able to have one in near future.  

What a Sunroom really is??

Sunroom is not different from a room besides the amount of light. Usually sunrooms are built just attaching to the main building. Or a room with relatively open and bright space is modified in 'Sunroom' with addition of glass or fiber glass walls for flow of more sunlight. Of course the roof of our choice can also be added for extra zing !
Open space of Berandah covered and used as Sunroom 

Add roof to give look of a cosy room to the Sunroom

Built in Sunroom with main building
Sunroom in the garden area

Long Berandah can be utilised as Sunroom

What sunroom is really used for?

Sunrooms can be used a common room, living area, a place for afternoon brunch, to catch up with whom you want or just to lounge around with books or music. (Hey! it's your home, and use of your room is just your choice of course).

Sunrooms in Nepali Household

Sunrooms are widely common in households of western (some developed eastern one as well) countries. But I have not seen quite impressive utilization of any open rooms in Nepali household in the form of Sunroom. Mostly open Balcony areas and covered terraces are widely used for catching up in chilly winter season. Sunrooms here, is a rare phenomenon. But I feel it's one of the most innovative ideas to make our home more beautiful.

Spark up the brightness of Sunroom with furnitures, and accessories in bright color. Coral and Mint Green are bright but don't hurt to the eyes.

Spark up Sunroom not only in winter, Utilize the space in evening of summer as well. Illuminating lights are great option.

Place some greenery inside Sunroom if you like to get feel of outdoor area.

Unconventional furnitures, bamboo and cane can give a Sunroom more lived in touch. 

A sunroom dont need to be a room actually, be creative with your space around, a open and blank Berandah, a part of Terrace or even in the garden.

Have a happy winter and thankx for the read. Now get ready for the search for any space that can be utilised.


  1. Wish we goona have lots of money to buy a house with sun room like that. Ohoo dream drea dream :)

    1. Ya i wish that too. but balcony and any open space area can be used as Sunroom as well. You can be creative with any blank but sunny space. :-)

  2. Thanks for sharing your good knowledge about sunroom, Shilu. In addition, aside from improving the appearance of your home, it can also create sophistication to your house, making it more inviting and comfortable place to invite your guests in.