Saturday, January 26, 2013

Easy Style Inspiration : Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama is well known First Lady of the United States of America (wife of the president Mr. Barack Obama) who is highly educated, smart as hell, and by many accounts as warm and gracious as she seems. There are many reasons style (read 'grace') watchers love her along with the people of America. And many reasons we admire her, ranging from her incredible accomplishments to her sense of humor She was her husband's mentor, and she seems to have a marriage where both equality and love are a given. She works tirelessly for her causes, inspiring young women who also likes to be a perfect mother for her 2 teenager kids along the way. In short, she's everything we want to be at age of 49 (Yes, she is !!).

Like any other celebrities in the world, her words and every step outside her home are under scrutiny. But here, we will take a look at her simple yet defining style of wearing clothes and accessories that add gracefulness along with personality and are extremely easy to put together in our REAL everyday life. 

In my opinion, Style of Michelle Obama is :

  • Classy
  • Feminine with personality
  • Timeless
  • Indivisual and Easy

# Style Tip 1: We don't always need a Blazer to give personality to an outfit. There are Cardigans and Sweaters too which are much easier, feminine and Budget friendly.

Michelle's decision to wear a cardigan sweater to visit Queen Elizabeth provoked an international debate about etiquette, but look at her and think again !! A cardigan and sweater can be best alternative even for a formal occassions. For daily office wear, a cardigan will give you feminine edge with adding personality to your overall look than the corporate look of the Blazer in much lower cost.

I love the way Mrs. Obama mixes patterned and even embroidered cardigans for frocks, and sheath dresses.

and even pants can be co-ordinated with Cardigans. Impressed !!

# Style Tip 2 : Brooches add glam quotient to your plain and otherwise boring outfit. It reflects you are playful and creative even in corporate wear. 

From Wide Belts to colorful shoes, first lady Michelle Obama loves eclectic accessories. But it’s how she dons brooches — on dress necklines, pinning together cardigans, even clustered over a strand of pearls which shows her creativity.  It's inspiring she is wearing them in unexpected ways.

Sometimes feathery.......

Note that Brooch joining the cardigan. Creative Michelle !!

# Style Tip 3 : Ruffles in work wear and simple and plain shirt/top can make your outfit look fabulous instantly. It's one of the best way to give boost to your work wear in Budget.

Give those plain skirt and trousers uplift with smart and clean cut ruffled shirts and tops, and there you are with sophisticated formal attire. Coordinate color that works best on you. This is one of the few options for timeless look regardless of your age.

Ruffled shirt, Big Belt and Cardigans, Sophisticated Michelle Obama.

# Style Tip 4: Learn to wear Statement Jwelleries. Either neckpices and earings or cuffs and bracelets. Strict them for one or two item at a time and NEVER look decked up heavily.

You will probably be thinking; every celebrity wears statement pieces as they can afford high end ones! Please look at Mrs. Obama, she wears even tribal neckpieces with Sheath dresses without being over the top ans it makes statement. She plays safe wearing only one item at a time and coordinates colors with her plain outfits. She never wears heavy neckpieces with printed sheaths and dresses and that's what I am trying to highlight.

# Style Tip 5: We will never go wrong with pearls. These are the safest options in jwellery that will change a look with panache and suits with any outfit.

Mrs. Obama often dons lots of pearls, double-stranded pearls. She makes statement with it wearing low profile through make up and keeping her elegance at high level.

# Style Tip 6: A flattering neckline in outfit and new haircut can make you look many years younger. Smile is your best accessory. 

# Style Tip 7: Give your outfit some needed color and see the results. A more happy you.

Michelle's style has been evolved. She used to dress in a much, much more conservative manner, big, boxy suits and turtlenecks, and her hair was in a flip and as the campaign progressed, she found herself and she expressed herself much more. She started incorporating color and really taking risks with the way she co ordinated color !! Thankx to her personal style sense and I am happy she did !! 

# Style Tip 8: Wear Belts in your stride. 

Mrs. Obama has been wearing Belts, big bold ones that suit her wide and tall body frame. She even wears Belts in layered way. Cardigans, slim fitted tops and Big wide belts. So smart !! You can work with the kind of belt you are comfortable in and see the results comparing before and after you. I think it rally works wonder through a simple change in accessories. Learn to love your Belts and cinch your waist a little.

Even a shirtdress or a long plain shirt can be stylish with addition of jwelled belt !

A plain Sheath dress can be edgy with belt. Michelle OBAMA SHOWS how.

# Style Tip 9 : Exercise at any age to be fit. Fit mind, body and soul. It's been proved that sweating makes you look more attractive. And every dress will look more good on you if you are fit ! Inner and Outer !!

Michelle Obama knows how to make her body work at an age of 49! With exercise, she is capable being on the go with two teenagers and a wife to president !! Phew !! Her very well toned arms are statement making in it's own right and she has got terrific well-toned physique that makes any plain sheath dress look fab on her; Do you think that is possible without sweating out ?? Think again and i think i should consider it as well. 

Trademark looks of Michelle Obama:
  • Belted sheaths
  • Cardigans
  • Color coordinated outfits and Color Blocking
  • Statement jewelry ... one or two pieces, well-chosen, bold, big
  • Empire waistline is probably one of her favorite silhouettes.
  • working with separates and going easy with brands
  • Lots of pearls, double-stranded pearls. 
Michelle Obama made a J.Crew cardigan look high end and her low heeled pumps were simple but noticeable. No First Lady since the reign of Jackie O has left an impact on the fashion industry like Michelle Obama. Her bold decision to wear sleeveless dresses despite criticism, proved that Michelle is a woman who lives by her own standards. She has truly went from First Lady to Style Icon Michelle Obama.

What can we learn from her style ?
She certainly promotes a healthy sense of enjoyment and individuality in fashion. With her clothing choices, Mrs. Obama has rewritten the dress code for women who work. Wear cardigans instead of always jackets, flats instead of impossibly high platform heels. Her style tells us to have a little fun with style.

And, most important, we dress for ourselves, something the first lady does so effortlessly it's hard to imagine that there had ever been any dress code for her position. With her floral prints and hula hoops, she's not afraid to flaunt her femininity!so why should the rest of us be?

What do you like most about her style ?

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Plain White Shirt : Wardrobe Staple or Style Trend?

White Shirt has been included in wardrobe of many as wardrobe staples. But in how many ways? It's upto us. Definitely!! A plain white button down shirt can be your friend for formal wear and chic and edgy in evening wear. Can't Believe ? stay with this post. :-) and see how a plain White shirt can be used as day to night wear and office to party as well.

# Glam it up a Plain white shirt with a slick and fitted leather pant and heels of your choice. Sleek hair will add your glam quotient.

# Give your plain white shirt personality and team it with blazer and shorts. Layer a statement neckpiece. A chic party look for you. Satin fabric is best for evening wear.

and team with flats for day wear.

# Are you a person who loves to experiment in outfits? Team your white shirt with daring outfits and shoes like in the below image. You are ready to rock for a daring evening attire.

# Have a white shirt with a little longer length ? Accessorize it with belt of your choice (wide or skinny). Go for flats for day and statement making heels for evening. 

# One of the best through' trends' last year and still in full vogue. A plain white button down shirt can spark up that paisley skirt you have or with any printed skirt ! Choose the skirt in bright color and you are ready with refreshing old scholl girl look.

# Class is what you present yourself to others. Learn from Miranda Kerr ! Team your plain white shirt with the best jeans you have. So, classy, eternal and always in style. You can never go wrong.

# Olivia Palermo hardly goes wrong with her sense of style. White shirt with jeans, cross bag and metallic outer !! So trendy, yet so stylish !! Go copy her style NOw for superb and easy to get evening look !

Remember, style is always the same and only trends come and go. Team your existing outfits with one another and find what looks best on you. We never need extra bucks to stay stylish after all. Stay tuned, for more..............

Sunday, January 13, 2013

How do you manage and declutter Jwellery ?

For me, getting ready means a job of 7-10 minutes but this too seems quite uneasy many times when I am stuck into those tangled jwelleries, earrings and studs that i never wear actually and are there for many years. Thus it's my inner urge for managing my so called vanity area these days which compelled me for this post. While there are many ideas in Pinterest and internet as a whole but here are some of them which actually appealed to me i think these are good enough to share. So, here we go for How to manage jwelleries.

# Mirrors are used for hanging chains, beaded necklaces and many more since ages. I've too witnessed it since my childhood. So, it's definitely the easiest option to try for those abandoned and tangled chains and necklaces. If you are bored with mirrors, try with some portrait or family photo that you like.

# Teacups and Saucers are the best bet for danglers, earrings and even necklaces. Earrings can be hanged onto cup while necklaces can rest in saucers. Beautiful ! You can even stack pins and other less necessary stuffs inside the cups.

# Have an old rake around your garden area ? Paint it in color of your choice and hang on the wall; and let all your necklaces, chain have safe home in it as it can hold many items at once. Even Bracelets !!

# Or, Choose those beautiful wall hangers available in low budget which will hold as many items as you want.


# Drawers are always the safest and easiest way to manage all the items you need in rush hour at once. It's handy and we all have drawers at any of our closets, Right !! No need of extra expenses. Just make them separate with partition, even cardboard will make perfect partition for different items.

# Repurpose with hangers you have for all your tangled chains and necklaces.

# Doors are another closet which we should not forget storage wise. Hence use it for managing your jwelleries by getting a hanger fixed in the doors or even with DIY ones.

# If you can, dedicate a wall or corner of your room to manage jwelleries. How ?? Like this in the image below.

# Repurpose your everyday items in a way that caters to your need. How about using old stuffs for storing and decluttering jwelleries !!

A Cage used for holding earings and danglers. Perfect !

Don't throw away those used crates of chocolates, eggs, cookies. It can stack whatever you want to.

Cake stand and Racket us%d for jwelleries

Drawers used as cabinets for jwelleries.

Old Grater used as earrings holder. Simple !!

You can always share what you have or want to with jwelleries here through comments. Have a happy time.