Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Velvet-y Affair

How many times we have complained for the chilly winter!! But we tend to ignore the fact we have not given needed efforts to make us warm and comfortable enough to battle with cold environment. Warm coats, gloves, stockings and even warmth of Air condition/ heater is there; But do you know even replacing the cotton and silk fabrics used in the house (bed linen, sofa covers, curtains and cushions) can provide us much warmth than we have expected ! It's true. 
So, the fabric in the Spotlight is : Velvet . I fell in love with the regal feel, touch of Velvet and warmth it gives is something I didn't know before which has compelled me to use Velvet in most of the part of our house this winter.
Polyster Crushed velvet

Velvet fabric comes in different varieties: Polyster Crashed Velvet to Raw velvet to Velvet mixed with Silk. It's upto you how you select one for your interior. Velvet has opulent look and lush appeal that no other fabric has. While Cotton has its own charm for cool summer, I recommend to use Velvet replacing cotton and other cool fabrics for much needed warmth in winter. Just Scroll down to know why and How:
Silk velvet

Crash Velvet

How to use Velvet in Interior of Home:

1. Velvet in covers of Furniture and Sitting area

2. Velvet in Cushion and home accessories

If you are in a tight budget and are not willing to splurge on new covers for furnitures, stay safe and in budget with Cushions made from velvet. Or, Mix them with your existing silk cushions and see the wonder.

Choose patterned and printed Velvet Cushion covers for more happy look.

This leather Sofa is too cold to sit upon. Place a warm feel of velvet via Cushion.

Winter doesnt need to be dull. Spark up your home with bright velvet Ciushions

3. Velvet Bed Linen and Blanket covers

All is said before about lush and opulent look of our dear cosy bed that we slip in cold nights. I strongly recommend to use Velvet bed covers in winter. Once you have used, you will know why i swear by it !!

4. Velvet Drapes and Curtains

Use of Smooth, luxurious and fine fabric of Velvet in drapes and curtains can instantly change the look of your home to a palace. Don't get surprised, just replace curatin of one corner of your home with a velvet one and let me know how it looked. :-)

It was a long post and I respect your passion to know a little about Velvet. I repeat again that style is eternal and repeats in every coming season. Just like any other investment in wardrobe and home accessories, little splurge in velvet fabric in any part of your home can give the look that one can only imagine. Creativity is all ours. 
I believe, there is nothing like trend actually, it's all created by we the 'people'. So, Believe and have faith in Fabric for winter and warm atmosphere 'Velvet', I have used it and you won't regret as well.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

5 things to know while wearing Pink and Black

Pink is widely recognized as a feminine color while Black is one of those Universal color which lessens risk for those occassions when you are not too sure for the choice of color. I was little apprehensive for how to combine it with super Chic and style Builder ‘Black’. But hey, Black and Pink can be such a wonderful combination!!  Again, staying  minimal with accessories will make you help to get the look. 

1. When the dress is all black, choose accessories (either bags and shoes or one item only) in Pink, you are ready for Bold and soft game of the look. 

Victoria Beckham in Black dress & Pink accessories

Jessica Alba in Black coat, Pink leggings & pink bag

2. Pink blazers can make stubborn look of all black outfit a soft and feminine one. Blazers, or coat, or jacket or sweaters and cardigan of your choice can do wonders. Always think about fit while wearing a blazer/jacket. Every indivisual has own shape and body frame. So,choice of a flattering blazer will differ person to person.

A pink Cardigan will make you feel all feminine and ladylike with even all black ensemble.

Jessica knows everything about color :-)

3. Same is applied for all Pink dress as well. If you don't like to wear all girly personality with all Pink in outfit, Choose Blazer in Black color to add some needed polished look. So, a day dress can be transformed into a polished evening dress for office meeting and any formal occassion just adding that Black outer/blazer. Blazers and jackets in Black color will smart up the overall feminine look of Pink dress.

Priyanka Chopra in Pink dress and Black slim fit Blazer
Jessica Alba in Black Jacket, Top, ballet flats and Pink Pant

4. If the dress is in all pink and blazer is in Black, Don't wear shoes rather than Black shoes. Or else, the whole look will be spoilt. Stay very minimal in accessories and make up to make your pink dress the focus. 

5. When you are wearing a dress in Pink, little addition of black in the dress (as belt or a special design in the dress) will be make your look simple and cosy.

Victoria Beckham in Pink dress

Coolin Rooney in Pink dress and Black Peep toes
Jessica Biel in Pink Gown with Black belted waist
Elizabeth Banks in Black and Pink outfit 


Celebrities in Black and Pink outfits
Pink is the color for Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign as well. Hot Pink suits best for a fair skin tone and celebrities in Hollywood who know how to wear it to put their best face forward. However, it solely depends upon a person to decide whether a color flatters her completely or not. 
In my opinion, a color is wearable for a person when it makes positive features of the skin tone highlighted. 
How would you wear a Black and Pink color co-ordinated? I prefer to choose Blazer and jackets  than stepping out in all Pink outfit. Still, an all Pink saree is in my wishlist though. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Animal Print in wardrobe: Yay or Nay ?

Animal print was there way back in 60's and it has not lost it's charm since then. Every year, it roars in fashion scene and forays into the closet of many. But how do a animal print dress or accessories should be styled?? It depends upon person to person and their personal style sense. Still, there are some basic things to know while wearing animal print 'coz I think too much of it can kill a look.

I’ve always been a little hesitant to try out a set of animal print because I've always thought I couldn’t pull it off. However, with the animal print trend out in full force also this fall, I decided to take a walk on the wild side, so to speak, and give animal print a try. But some of my friends who have already tried Animal prints before have said they have never felt so stylish and confident. 
Range of Animal print includes leopard print, to snakeskin to even a bold tiger pattern.


Animal print in Coats : perfect for winter season

Animal print in Children/s wear. So very CUTE !!

Animal Print with animal print is sometimes a good option as well (If you are Rihanna !)

If you don't want to be in Risk, play safe and Try animal print with neutral colors, Black and white and Red. Stay minimal with Make up.

Image via:

Animal prints Bags with Neutral colored wardrobe is a good option to use Animal print  

If animal print in dresses, coats are not your preferences; give yourself little glamour and style with accessories with animal prints (scarfs, shoes and even bags)

Remember: One piece at atime is enough. You don't need to wear all at once while wearing Animal prints.

One of my Lust list : Animal Print shoes

Layer with animal print Scarfs and shawls in shilly winter and get some style in bland outfit.

How do you style your animal print ?