Sunday, November 11, 2012

How to wear Colored Jeans for winter & always

Colored Jeans are in vogue these days. From pastel to bright, colored jeans are an easy, affordable, and versatile way to incorporate the season's big color trend into your wardrobe. The look offers a playful edge to your everyday pieces, and you can dress it up or go casual. 

While styling colored jeans, we can never go wrong when pairing any colored pair of pants with a black, white, cream, brown, or tan top. Any pair of bright jeans would look awesome with a white button-down dress shirt, a sheer black silk shirt , a cream-colored cardigan sweater or a black blazer. This technique is a good way to feel out your new pants and ease into wearing them.

# Darker Colored Jeans are best when you don't want to draw attention to hips/thighs.

# If you are petite, wear a top in a neutral that isn't a lighter or darker.

# Add a print in the neutral shade (even stripes) that works with the color of jeans.

# Colors of Jeans don't have to be too bright, choose muted colors that suits you best.

# Jeans in bright colors need bright neutrals such as black and white.

Good to know while wearing colored Jeans:

  • Wear shoes in same color as your colored jeans can give taller look and elongate your legs.
  • Choose a color that suits your colouring too – so not too bright if you suit a more muted or smoky palette.
  • Only go with a cropped option if you have long legs or are prepared to wear them with heels.

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