Sunday, November 25, 2012

Animal Print in wardrobe: Yay or Nay ?

Animal print was there way back in 60's and it has not lost it's charm since then. Every year, it roars in fashion scene and forays into the closet of many. But how do a animal print dress or accessories should be styled?? It depends upon person to person and their personal style sense. Still, there are some basic things to know while wearing animal print 'coz I think too much of it can kill a look.

I’ve always been a little hesitant to try out a set of animal print because I've always thought I couldn’t pull it off. However, with the animal print trend out in full force also this fall, I decided to take a walk on the wild side, so to speak, and give animal print a try. But some of my friends who have already tried Animal prints before have said they have never felt so stylish and confident. 
Range of Animal print includes leopard print, to snakeskin to even a bold tiger pattern.


Animal print in Coats : perfect for winter season

Animal print in Children/s wear. So very CUTE !!

Animal Print with animal print is sometimes a good option as well (If you are Rihanna !)

If you don't want to be in Risk, play safe and Try animal print with neutral colors, Black and white and Red. Stay minimal with Make up.

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Animal prints Bags with Neutral colored wardrobe is a good option to use Animal print  

If animal print in dresses, coats are not your preferences; give yourself little glamour and style with accessories with animal prints (scarfs, shoes and even bags)

Remember: One piece at atime is enough. You don't need to wear all at once while wearing Animal prints.

One of my Lust list : Animal Print shoes

Layer with animal print Scarfs and shawls in shilly winter and get some style in bland outfit.

How do you style your animal print ? 


  1. I had an animal print dress and I liked it. But my husband simply hated it, so I had to get rid of it.

    1. Ohhh,so sorry for you. but you can work with animal print scarfs, shawls, and even shoes this winter. This way you don't need to splurge on new wardrobe and work in less price with the shoes.

    2. and your hubby won't notice either. :-))

  2. Looking all trendy and classy in animal print! Spirit days like this are so fun! You get to wear over the top outfits and don't have to feel weird about it!
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