Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Style Diaries : OSCAR Red Carpet

A Gap must be for a purpose. That is what I feel for my Blogging activeness. Though it may sound an excuse for not posting a single post in a month!! Still, I don't have any regrets as this gap was for my precious time with family, as a doting mother. A Blogger took a backseat for a Mother, I would say. And I hope my readers know what family time actually means :-). So, here I am with some of the finest memories of OSCAR Award Ceremony that was held sometime ago.

Every Occasion has its own charm and OSCAR Red carpet has been remaining to be at it's excellence with each passing years, getting better of course. This time around, some classic silhouette and style were adapted by these celebrities that you probably don't want to miss at all. Take a Glimpse these are my favorite picks.

Bling Factor

There was a lot of Bling moment in latest OSCAR Red Carpet. Most of them were in nude shades and earthy, jewel tones. 
Angelina Jolie

Kate Blanchet in Floral Applique sequined sheer dress

Sally Hawkins

Jenna Dewan in Reem Acra

Emma Watson in Mettalic Black separates

Also, does aging means no fun? Not At all. What an example of wearing Emerald, a hit Jewel tone. Sheer Metallic, Bling and sequins with Appliqu├ęs and embellishments whatever you like. Take a chance. Bling is here to stay. Lessons learnt: Shine in your own Bling. :-)
June Squibb in Sequinned Emerald Dress

Black and White Classic

Have you read this post? I think these celebrities have read my post and wore accordingly (Just kidding)! Black and White are a cult classic and can be repeated year after year.

Meryl Streep

Anne Hathaway in Prada

Olivia Wilde

Black and White are combination best suited for almost any occasion, from party to office. Channel your inner vixen and mesmerize the world by your Black magic, that's what this OSCAR Red carpet was screaming.

Nude and Blush Babble

While we may feel brighter in color and love to explore, Nude and blush shades make us look somber and calm within. Best part of Nude shade is, you can find every shade of nude as per our complexion. 
Portia De Rossi

Lupita Nyong in Prada

Naomi Watts in Calvein Klein

Kate Hudson

Penelope Cruz

Nude is completely not Racist. There's no any restriction for use of Powder Blue, Blush Pink. These are certainly flattering to every woman of this world and OSCAR 2014 has proved it :-). Yes, Lupita, You've said " No matter where you are from, your dreams are valid !" Respect to you.

I am on serious envy mode (Clothes you see :-), Still we can manage with the hint of styling these shades and colors in our stride. What do you like the most in latest OSCAR event ?