Thursday, January 30, 2014

Winter Layering Style and How to layer with Faux Fur

As the title suggests, it's FAUX, not real. But this is best because it makes you feel guilt free. Yes, Faux fur is a stylist's must have than being just a piece to layer on in winter. It can make you feel like you are in blanket, cosy enough to layer and you are on even in a most simple ensemble. And most imporatantly, Faux fur can make us look like we have layered without any effort !! Being my personal favourite which never ceases in oomph factor even in chilly winter and remains a Style investment over the years; You will feel what you were missing over the years after owning it. So, this post today is dedicated to our very know' FAUX FUR' and how to style it :-)               

# Perfect for Skinny pant to Graphic print dresses, faux Fur Vests are a rage as it can easily transform your very casual outfit to a plush and regal looking you.


# Few of those pieces that can transform your look from casual to party ready to office friendly is the Faux Fur. It is simple yet stylish enough to attend in formal as well. Wear it as a Vest on your Plain Sweater, Top, or any winter piece you want to layer with.

It can jazz up your most simple outfit.

 # Wrap faux fur stole or outer around whenever you want to add hint of classiness to your ordinary looking outfit. It works wonders even in street, after getting out of flights and beyond.

# Belt on the Faux Fur Vest to feel more tidy and ladylike.

# Need not to shiver through wedding, parties and formal functions ion gowns, save yourself by teaming your dresses and gowns with faux fur.

 # Team your Faux Fur Coat, shearling, stole, shawl with fabric like Net, Velvet, Leather and Metallic. They are vintage and classy yet trendiest enough to make you fit in present world.

# Whenever possible in winter and early days of spring, wear faux fur in/as collar of jacklet, blazer and wrappers,or a hint of faux fur; they will instantly make you look uber stylish in your budget.

Without any doubt, I agree Faux fur has entire body of luscious softness that makes you tempted to sleep in it ! Whether it is in simple accent on collar or sleeves of your jacket or any outfit, it gives you a plush look in winter. A faux fur jacket, shearling or coat, they all are indulgent and practical, that's why this is in my lust list as well. So, if you are thinking about a key winter piece that blends with your existing outfits, Go buy a Faux Fur jacket, shealing or a coat and cuddle up. :-). It will be an investment piece in your wardrobe. If you already have one, how do you make it work ? Would love to hear.