Friday, August 9, 2013

Summer dressing up with an edge (Recycle your outfit !)

There are times when we tend to realize that jacket hanging in closet is of no use in summer, monsoon and autumn days. That old sundress is too old to use and recycle. But we need to re think again. Because here are the ways to let style factor flourish regardless of change in weather. Now sit back and have a cuppa of tea/coffee as i am doing while writing this post.  

Simple, comfortable and stylish outfit ideas in every season are easy to channelize with some great ideas that will save us from breaking the bank and celebrities often show us how. :-)

Style Tip 1 : Mixing up with Bold and statement making accessories

Have a pastel colored sundress or any dress and you are bored wearing it in every season repeateadly ! No need to get bored. Wear that ever friendly sundress you have, mix with shoes/sandal in contrast color. Red is versatile. And wear a bold watch. I would have worn watch of my Dad or Huby. :-) That's it. Look yourself in the mirror. Smile for what you have. You need not go head to Toe Matchy matchy. Explore color with contrast. 
Gyenith Paltrow in Cream Summer dress
Here, Gwyneth Paltrow experiments with creamy white skirt and some understated fun with accessories that is not too loud. 

Style Tip 2: Enjoy being a Lady with Polka Dots

Kerry Washington has shown that the classic print Polka dots is modern, not matronly. We can go for feminine pieces and add simple yet sexy versatile accessories like steel grey purse, shoes. Showing a little skin via V shaped neckline and/or arms via cap sleeve is a super classic. 
Kerry Washington in Polka dotted dress
This will suit even in every kind of profession for working women. If not a dress, we can even explore the magic of a good Polka dot V naked blouse/shirt for office. 
A 'V' naked Polka dotted blouse

Style Tip 3 : Floral with Leather Jacket 

Florals are synonyms for dressing up in summer, i think. And it makes us look more of a lady and refreshens our overall look. Combine floral with Leather jackets; the look is much edgier and sharp. It has personality and substance.
Julianne Hough
Julianne Hough's outfit shows floral can be taken to an edgier direction. Her sweet printed pants get some attitude with motorcycle jacket and buckled sandals. That's much hint for us to recycle an outfit. isn't it ?

Style Tip 4 : Sweater in summer ? YES .

Shocked with the caption ? Don't be. Jessica Alba oozes like a fresh breeze in the street with a crocheted sweater, fun shades, and floral kicks make jeans (especially pastel ones) feel light, fresh, and very cool. 
Jessica Alba

Our regular Old Jeans in pastel color will look great combining with a pastel and/or bright hued crocheted top. This is slowing becoming a classic that will repeat in every season. With layers and some funky accessories of our own choice. 

Style Tip 5: Monochromatic dresses that is party ready

Dress in a single color and that is airy but looks sexy and needs no more accessories is just SIGH !! The fierce Red summer dress of Eva Mendes can take her right from street to date night. A floaty dress  is fit in her body frame and shown alluringly against curves, while a pastel-green bag is the color you don't expect, but love.
Eva Mendes

It's all about realizing and respecting what we have and how we can re purpose. Think, think and think again. You never know a dress hanging far in your closet can make you still look a princess in your own!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Musings of a Style Enthusiast

I've been continuously asked these days why didn't I take up to fashion and interior courses! Instead of giving some comments while answering them, I ponder into deep thoughts as it was what I wanted to be in real. I loved style, I loved nature, I loved interior, putting things together for a beautiful looking result. 

And I still heart all of it till now. But hey, I am into banking profession as I was a management graduate before. So, does my passion and love for Immaculate style, Getting ready for any event, putting things together and home decor need comma/full stop? In my case, I don't think so.

Yes, there are many people in this world today who get to study as per their personality and follow their instinct through their jobs. But how many?? For me, I was brought up in a tiny small village looking town (with full of life I would say) with dreams in my growing mind. Lack of adequate courses matching my personality; I took up to Management as many of us still do. And it has turned me a Banker today. If not a banker, I would have been a Bureaucrat, a Government Officer or something like that; but no....never a Style maven fashion enthusiast, Stylist or Designer or Interior Decorator. 

Now, my profession has turned me into a person with patience and I think twice before I speak. These are the best things we get in people related jobs. You grow with all the persons and happenings around you and that is same with me as well. Deep inside me, there is still a fashion maven, style lover who lets her wings whenever I am off duty :-).

I would like to applause those who fearlessly take risk of changing profession and get start from scratch. For love of ones' personality, for the way they are, for their inner peace; change is what they prefer. While I stay away from thoughts of getting into new profession due to fear of dependency. I am independent and I love the fact. 

Having said that, I will still continuously respect inner ME and follow my heart. Style and Passion for anything Never dies. 

Is your thought different of mine or you agree with me ? Thoughts are to be shared :-)