Saturday, August 18, 2012

9 Easy Summer & Monsoon Hairstyle

A Good hair cut is half the battle won when it's about styling oneself. But is it so?? The hair has not to be chopped up for a neat style. Instead there are the ways which can make you look stunning even in the scorching heat of summer and those sobby rainy days. For a good hairstyle, one need not to visit parlour every now and then, and if you have a juggling life between a toddler ( who constantly needs my attention 24*7) and a never ending job (poor me !! yes i want some breeeeaaaaaakkkkk); then just forget to groome yourself and pampering of the salon for a particular time period.

Sigh !! but hey, when god created busy MOms, he/she also did favor to make ourself perfect at multi tasking. And here is the point, Easy and sassy hairstyle can be done at home in those last 10 minutes of Emergengy !! Have a look at these hairstyles and get ideas.

# Low Pony tail with side sweepting  (best for any occassion)

Make ways for the Curls...................

A perfect sleek and neat Low Pony tail. Monsoon appropriate.

Classy, unique and lovely low twisted pony tail. slight flow of hair in forehead has added the softness in the look.

Simple yet stunning

Low pony tails can also be accessorized.

# High Pony tail with Puffed hair at front will give you smarter look with attitude

High Pony tail needs clean make up to make the style work.

The simple Pony tail, the more clean and casual look. 

# Braid ('Kapal Bateko' in Nepali) is the oldest one but evergreen as well . Include braids in updo. It will give Red carpet look. 

Even short hair can work Braid. Olivia Palermo proves it.

My fav. of all. Easy and Elegant Braid.

I like the way Dia Mirza has combined the Braid into both Western and Indian wear. It really works.

# Half Up Half Down hairdo

# Pulled Back Hairstyle

If you don't want to tie your precious hair but want to avoid sweat in summer due to hair in the front of your face, flaunt them with a little effort of pulling them back.  

# Twisted Updo

# Out of the Bed Look. Messy is beautiful.

# Make beautiful and Neat Chignon ('Juro' in Nepali)

# Accesorize hair in beautiful way with No fuss at all. 

I loved the braids of all and lately i am attracted to Chignon as well. No fuss at all. And which one is your pick ?? Will surely love to have your valuable comment. 

Keep smiling and take care till the next post.

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