Wednesday, September 19, 2012

12 Things to learn from Jessica Alba

People ask me why i admire Jessica Alba in this extent and this post is answer to them. She is a Hollywood star and has great flare of style. But every celebrity has oodles of money to spend for the way they look and they hire designers too. But hey, i am not talking about the Red carpet style of Jessica Alba. This post is for the way she makes her own style sense in everyday life. Plus, she is a Mother of 2 kids and that's why i know what it takes to look that simple and stunning in casual life. Lets  have a look at what i am talking about which is simple, smart and easy.

1. Use Colorful Denims and Floral Leggings

This season and always colorful denims are widely popular. And Jessica Alba knows it how to wear every color of denim with great panache.

even the colorful leggings are so close with Madam Alba.

2. Use Floral and Prints in your wardrobe

3. Experiment with Colors no matter which season

Jessica gives us ample example of the popping in some color into outfit of every season. Colorful clothes should not be restricted for summer and spring only. And she makes the very classy use of colorful outfit in elegant way that it wont hurt the eyes of paparazzi. Simple and sober outfit and 1 strong color is the mantra.

4. Stay Minimal with Make up

This again impresses me at least coz lots of make up and cakey face will turn any super richey kinda outfit into a tacky one. So, staying Minimum in make up and enhancing just single feature of the face will make you look good in simplest of the outfits.

5. Style is forever. There is good outfit waiting for any stage of life.

Ahh, i wish i had a little style sense close to Madam Alba. She has already proved herself in the toughest time of her body such as Pregnancy. She didn't stop to look good and maintained classy, easy and smart moves with choice of clothes.

Pregnancy didn't stop her to look glam.

6. Give new look to your old wardrobe with Accessories like Shawl, Muffler, Scarves, Hats (A Must Have)

I have not witnessed any other celebrities with such easy understanding of everyday accessories like Shawl, Scarves, Hats than that of Jessica Alba. She has MANY (i mean it !) shawls and scarves that she can turn a simplest of jeans and t-shirt into a stylish one. If there is super summer outside, we can still have safe bet with silk and chiffon scarves if we want to.

7. Once in a While, Experiment with your looks and hairstyle

This one is what i am not able to carry off since ages. I would love to but thought of many situations stops me every now and then to do so. So, we need to learn the evolution of look of Jessica Alba. Sometimes it's because of our look, hair color and 'old' hairstyles that restricts us to look good even in newest trend of clothes. so, it's in budget to look good with change of look than splurging in new outfits.

So, refresh yourself whenever you want to. Life is only ONCE !! and it's totally YOURS. 

8. Use Statement Accessories while going Formal

Many of us still have to learn the way to wear statement accessories in formal occasions. Look at Jessica Alba in formal occasions and you will know what i am talking about. Enhancing just 1 piece of accessories at a time with lavish or simple outfit is the key to success.

9. Layer the outfits. Experiment with Outer, Blazers, Jackets and waist coat.

Jessica is the only celebrity to have experimented layering style even in Maxi dresses. She knows best how to use old pants and tops and make over them into stylish one with layering of outer, blazers, and even mixing them with mufflers and scarves. She never looks overdone in her layering style due to the selection of colors and play of fabrics. she goes easy with fabrics in clothes, if the muffler is bold and vice verse. The point is layering the outfit (even old one) can make you super glamorous and trendy. An outer is must for me in my shopping list.

Note the layering style of child here.

10. Learn to Utilize every outfit and accessories in different ways.

Re purposing of clothes can be taken seriously with Jessica Alba. She makes full utilization of old pants, scarves and dresses. After all it's from hard earned money dear. So, dont throw away old pair of jeans on a whim. It can be still useful.

11. Being a Mom doesn't mean we need not experiment with clothes we wear, Stay Street Stylish.

This is the most important point ladies forget so often. We get busy in our duties of life (yes we should) but it doesnt mean we cant be our self meanwhile. Stay fit and stay stylish. Who knows who is gonna face you tonight? Looking good is for the sake of ourselves. It makes us happy and that's the biggest point. Isnt it?? Learn from Jessica Alba.

12. No matter what, Heart is where the child is.

This is the biggest turning point in any girl's life and we need to prioritize it. We will never get to repeat the upbringing of our children. So, they should be the focal point of our life. At least, It's not only me who thinks so. Jessica Alba is there for her kids, in shopping, in household chores, in school meetings, in parks and so on and on. She is the chairman of Honor Co. (new one which makes baby organic products), a Hollywood star, a wife and MOM. While the latter beats all, don't we need to learn from Jessica Alba to manage all these at once. Hey, we can. After all we can give a try to prioritize people and manage things in our lives. 

Yes, we all are super woman (every Mother is) but do we appreciate our life in as beautiful manner as we wanted to. Hope you have a great life ahead. Take care.