Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cook to Love

While others 'love to cook' , i prefer the vise versa. I Cook to Love. I've found the more you give in, the results are awesome. Cooking is the new found passion. After snooping and hunting many of those best blogs and webpages of various countries, i've found it should be 'Cook to Love' . It suits the best.

I had tried this amazingly simple recipe of Biscuit Custard Cake (No bake version), my inner voice says i should  recommend it for the interested ppl out there. It is so simple yet so yummy !! You can go for the recipe with step by step guide here.

I recommend you to try it once. Ur child and even the bigger ones :-) will love it.

Enjoy every bite !! 

Blissful Life : What More ?

Here I am !! with a new found interest. Blogging. I've joined so as to share some of my passion with you (the readers). As there are many successful ones, i don't claim here to be the best of all. But I'll certainly try out to give joyous feeling while reading my posts. There will be wide range of the posts being Life and style, interiors, fashion, food and etcetra. Hope i'll get views and more hits in the future to come.

Right now, i am content with the way my life is flowing in its own rhythm. Being a hands on Mom of a child who is growing up (i must say here very fast !!) :-) and managing to get the things done by my own is the most challenging job ever. But here i've to admit, the most satisfying as well. Life is Beautiful and Blissful at the same time. Peace, Calmess, Compassion and Love is what i crave for.

Till the next post. Have a good energy level. take care.