Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Tricks and Trend for Outfits when you're Expecting

My 2nd born is already 16 months old and I can see the world around me in a different yet better way with each passing day. Time is still very limited to make things work in 18 waking hours; still I can see myself soaked in more love, positivism and patience which I’d recognized hardly before!

Words seem incapable to describe the joys I have been adorned through my beautiful children, the babbling and new found words in my little ones’ chat, the bond they share with me, the beam in their eyes when I am home!! Aren't these the things to live for?
That was a little glimpse on my life as I was not in blogosphere for a while (this time it took very long, phew!) 

Coming to the point, I’ve seen new pregnant ladies struggling through their pre pregnancy outfits to accommodate their new body! You simply cannot dear, as your body is expanding to make room for you both. So, I feel the best bet will be to find some key pieces in your outfits which will eventually lead you till the end of pregnancy and even some months of your post partum body as well.

Raid your closet not because you cannot find anything this time but to make some beautiful maternity outfits accompanying some new key pieces to them.

And before making any decision, keep in mind what you wear is only your pleasure ultimately so wear your outfits to satisfy your need and style. I can only provide you some comfortable ideas to have fun with your outfits in pregnancy days. There is no pregnancy blues actually, if you make some effort, this time will make you glow also through your outfits.

Here are some of my shortlisted ideas for outfits which will eventually last through your full term of pregnancy.

1.Invest in key pieces (Leggings, Tunics, A line, Empire waist and wrap  Tops/dresses,Long Tank top, Chunky Cardigan)

A line shape will enhance your new shape and dresses/tunics in this shape and will accommodate through all your pregnancy. These are the outfits you will wear it before, during and after pregnancy actually. Yes, you can buy these key pieces according to you own budget. Just make sure the fabric is good and will last for almost 1 year.

Leggings will help you to run errands, visit doctors and feel your baby bump lifted. They’ll also give you streamlined look when tucked into boots in those winter days.
My tip: there are some ‘not so reasonably’ prices maternity leggings in the market these days but after stretching up to good 82 Kg in my latest pregnancy, I can assure you can buy outfits in one size up your actual size and can be fitted till your baby is out of you. When your bump is big, just slouch the waistband of your leggings below for more comfort.

Before pregnancy, you may be able to wear Tunic as a dress; as you go through your pregnancy, pair it with leggings.  After baby, you'll appreciate the extra room – plus, the added fabric can provide a discreet cover while nursing.

And Maxi dresses are oh so trendy these days, which you can find it in any budget you want. Empire waists, flowing skirts, a focus on your collarbone, shoulders, and d├ęcolletage! Maternity Style Experts say, Maxi dress is another item you probably don't need to buy in the maternity department. Just make sure you choose a soft jersey fabric that can drape easily over your changing body.

A classic shift dress with a slight A-line (meaning body skimming around the upper body and then flared out at the bottom) has a youthful, deconstructed silhouette that's flattering on nearly everyone, and especially so for new or expectant moms.

2.       Accessorize

Sky is the limit for accessorizing your maternity outfits. Accessories of any kind will draw the eyes towards the accessory rather than your precious baby bump. And of course Accessories in maternity wear will make the outfit complete in every way. Blazers, leather jackets, Denim jacket, beautiful earrings, chunky statement pieces, boots, belts, and scarves. You name it! Just embrace your new body and try with whatever you have. This is undoubtedly the most treasured phase in a woman’s life that’ll automatically make you more beautiful. So Invest in outer wear that will instantly add your personality.

Make it work with blazers and jackets

3.       Learn some good pregnancy clothing tricks/hacks

For almost 6 months of your pregnancy, you can use some good tested maternity clothes hacks that will make you save the money on unnecessary purchase. Your existing jeans can last you through your 5 months without major hassle.

3. Play with Colors
You are already radiant with that great ‘Pregnancy glow’. You can make that glow on good use by wearing as many colors as you wish. Expert says, it helps to wear more colorful pieces on the days when you don’t feel too good. At least your skin tone looked that much better!

4. Raid Celebrity Maternity Style
You’ll get plenty of inspiration if you go through celebrity maternity style of Blake Lively, Jessica Alba and latest to be moms like Kareena Kapoor. They are always giving some major maternity outfit goals.

and yes nothing will look as chic as a nice pair of salwar suit.

Pregnancy itself is beautiful and there are many options you can try to enhance your pregnancy beauty with some creative ideas that’ll last throughout your pregnancy and who knows even after pregnancy! So no need to be panic , stay positive and embrace the time. It all will be missed. Stay beautiful. All the best to your journey. Till next post, I will love to hear your comments.