Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy New year with Burgundy

Happy New Year 2013

One of my lust list for This Fall/winter, and one of my favorite trend is the delightfully rich color of Burgundy or Oxblood. I couldn't have selected any other post to be the 50th, you see ! (ya, it's the 50th post of my blog :-) Burgundy is Worn with earth tones, jewel tones, or any other comforting fall color (or pattern for that matter) will add depth and personality to your ensemble. 

Pop on a piece of vintage Burgundy toned jewelry, or a bold lip or nail, and you will have the perfect fall accents to any outfit.

The Burgundy color comprises of nice Brandywine and even Apple Red could be taken as color close to the Burgundy.

The important thing to ensure is that with Burgundy, the color tones (the underlying color) all match. Let's spice up our dull winter with rich Burgundy color.

# Basically Cream , pastels, White and burgundy look very beautiful together. Add a statement neckpiece and you are done for a stylish night out.

Burgundy suit in Velvet with white. Total regal.

# Black is magic for Burgundy as well. Wear it or Mix the color with Black for extra sophistication.

Miranda kerr in Black pants and Burgundy color Bag. So clean and corporate look.


Olivia Palermo in Burgundy Leather Pant and Black fur Jacket. 

Burgundy bag and Burgundy Pant. Looks great overall.

Taylor Swift in Burgundy Top with Gray Pant is not bad either !

This look is to die for. A Biker Jacket in Burgundy, Black jeans,  and grey scarf tones down  the overall  look.

# Jeans (both lighter or dark shades of Blue works great with Burgundy top. Need a proof ? See Olivia Palermo below. Sigh !!

Olivia Palermo in skinny Jeans and Burgundy woolen Top. I loved her layering and statement neckpiece. Who says these are strictly for night and evening time? Think again !! 

# Accessorize with Burgundy color if you are planning to get in budget for this winter.

A Burberry Coat in Burgundy color (It's expensive though)
A Burgundy Faux Fur Jacket. Ahh love.

A Handbag in Burgundy color can also be wardrobe staple. It suits with most of the colors.
Mufler in Burgundy Color

Get smart on your own budget and play with your looks with varieties of Burgundy Color

Some Red Carpet appearances in Burgundy Color:


When it comes to traditional lehenga, this one is in my lust list. Burgundy and gold lehenga. A saree or salwar suit in Burgundy will also look great though.  
P. S : This is the season of celebrations and season to rejoice with dear ones. While in Nepal, New year 2013 AD will be celebrated with equal zest as in the western countries. Happy New Year 2013 for all the viewers and readers. Thankx for overwhelming response for the thoughts I share with you and ideas that burst in our blogosphere is amazing. This year was splendid in terms of response as I am a newbie in blogger's world. 

I look forward to enhance everything further or overall well being through my posts on home, fashion, parenting and my thoughts that'll ooze positive vibe within. Thank you for all the support and love till the 50th post of my blog. I haven't imagined this will happen this sooner. :-) Take care.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How to Remove Carpet Spots

There are number of times when I get worried about the spots in the carpets. Experts have given solutions and I can't wait to share these with you in this great world of blogosphere.

Here's the method experts have found that works on most dried-in blotches in the carpets: 

Things we need to remove carpet stains: 2 Empty Spray bottles, cold water, 1/4 teaspoon dishwashing liquid, 1 cup warm water, a clean cloth, white paper towels, a heavy pot
  • Take two empty spray bottles, and fill one with cold water. 
  • In the other, mix 1/4 teaspoon plain dishwashing liquid and 1 cup warm water. 
  • Spray the detergent solution onto an absorbent cloth (not the carpet — you don't want to wet it too much), and dab, don't rub, it on the spot. 
  • As the stain dissolves, blot with a clean section of cloth. 
  • Keep applying and blotting this way until the stain is gone. 
  • Spray another cloth with the cold water, and use it to rinse the detergent solution from the carpet; blot again with a dry cloth. 
  • Then, pile on a stack of white paper towels, and place a heavy pot on top; leave overnight to soak up any residual staining deep in the carpet. 
  • In the A.M., remove the pot and toss the paper towels; fluff the fibers with your fingers and allow to air-dry.
Do you have any other household tips that are useful and can be done with whatever items we have in our home. Do share, this blogging world is amazing. You never know your simple tips may help to many.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Be Bag Smart !!

Does your closet look like these? 

Or like this ?

Yes ! this post is probably not for you. No? Then you are here to stay (i think :-). Many of us don't have lavish closets and most of us can't afford/manage different storage room for bags and shoes like those Hollywood celebrities. So, do we have less important bags than theirs? Definitely NOT! Our non-expensive (sometimes with very less price tag) but so important Bags need to be cared with as value as we care for our outfits and jewelries. After all, Chanel and Luis Vuitton aren't coming to us, our very own non-expensive bags will save us in need. Point is, they actually need to be cared and stored in proper way.

Here we go for how to care and store the bags we have : 

1. Doors are another Shelves. Don't let them spare and blank. A self fixed rod or panel can hold upto 6-8 average sized bags depending upon size of the doors and closets. So, set several small sized hooks fixed in the doors of your closet. You are sorted with clean and manageable storage for bags. This suits best to all; persons like me who have hardly 3-4 bags in total for their closets but can manage each with most of the outfits or who have dozens to showcase. 


2. Hang them like clothes. Bags can be easily set in hangers and hooks inside the closets which will make them safe from dust caused from storing. Also, you can get them handy in need. 

3. Special Coverage for Bags is possible. If found in your local store, you can also get Bag holder designed specially to hold and hang bags in closets which is a smart way to get rid of unneccessary mess and saves lot of space. They can be found in paper or plastic pouch holders. Sorry, not available in Nepali market though :-( . But hey, that's why internet is made for. Go online shopping. :-)

4. Arrange and store Bags as files in cabinet and drawers. This is undoubtedly one of the best resque for the Bag managers ! It saves time, stores bags well and saves them from overstretching (which can be caused by hanging). Just remember to wrap them in muslin cloth or plastic bags when not in frequent use to prevent color and smoothness. 


5. Iron Rod in curvy or your desired shape can hang upto 15 bags at a time within very small space around. I think it's best for those who live in tight space. These can even placed in corners of the room. 

6. Repurposing any table or stand as bags cabinet is the smartest option (I think). You can even use your dressing table and vanity area for the same. Installing a rod for hangers will give you room for bags, clutches and purses. 
Image via : Good housekeeping

Things to remember while storing bags:
  • Storing bags with like colors can save colors fading.
  • Close the Zips of the bags while storing and make sure zips and buckles are not tangled with other.
Choose the storing method as per your need and access. It's upto us how we manage our things and getting ideas from anywhere enhances our inner creativity. Thankx for stopping by !

Sunday, December 16, 2012

How to use Lemon in cleaning

A Zest of Lemon ! That's what i crave for when i seriously think about getting a cup of tea. But hey, do you know that the Lemon you mostly use in the kitchen and in your food is not  only to savour your taste buds. It has many positive sides, Cleaning wise. Let's get little more familiar with Lemon and get idea for how to use Lemon in cleaning. 

1. Deodorize your garbage disposal: The garbage disposal drain can get stinky. Instead of pouring bleach down there to kill the bugs causing the odor (which can put off noxious fumes that make you cough), consider tossing a few lemon rinds down the disposal. This will help neutralize the odor naturally.

2.Polish metal: Nix the expensive, harsh chemicals and polish your flatwear and pans with a half a lemon and a little elbow grease! This is widely used in our Nepali household. 

3.Refresh your Cutting/Chopping board: Now, this is so simple and easy. To remove tough food stains from light wood and plastic cutting boards, slice a lemon in half, squeeze onto the soiled surface, rub, and let sit for 20 minutes before rinsing. The best part? You’ll have a house that smells like a lemon grove rather than chemicals.
4.Sanitize your microwave & Manage Microwave Messes: Microwaves can get grease fast. The acid in lemons can zap germs and leave a fresh sent. Fresh lemons smell clean so try this: 
Cut one in half, put the pieces in a microwave-safe bowl with water to cover, and cook on High for two to three minutes. The steam will soften hardened food inside the oven while you enjoy the citrus scent. Then grate the fruit in the garbage disposal to eliminate any musty odor and greasy gunk.
6.Blast soap scum: Um, this is brilliant: Juice six lemons and pour the contents into a spray bottle—the citric acid will dissolve soap scum!
7. Give your hair shine and remove dandruff : Now, this has been widely used as well. I don't know why but applying Lemon actually gives hair silky shine and it has been regarded as home remedy for dandruff as well. So, next time when you think of washing your hair, message the lemon in the scalp for few minutes. let it be for some more minutes, wash your hair and there you are with silky, smooth, shiny and dandruff free hair. Though you need to repeat this for at least 4-5 wash of hair to remove dandruff.  

Jeans in/as formal wear !!

Jeans has been already rated among widely used wardrobe staples. But in office wear? Many of us don't take Jeans as the office or formal wear as it's worn mostly in casual occasions. After all Jeans was not introduced for the office right? Now, what about making Jeans a substitute for plain and bland looking office outfits !! Think again !!

While some office and corporate house have dress code for it's employees, some still don't . Same applies to the business casuals. !! Straight, slim and wide legged jeans all can be incorporated into formal and semi formal outfits. And there are varieties of dark black and Navy blue ones available in the market (and in your closet too) which will easily Dose the eyes of people and chances are they will think you are wearing a cotton trouser instead.

Just REMEMBER! Don't be too fashionable and slave of trends while wearing Jeans into semi formal and formal occasions. and don't wear over the top looking jeans to formal occassions and offices that may make you look trashy and unethical to corporate world. A very good example of jeans that are appropriate for business casuals illustrated by Alison from Wardrobe Oxygen.
Image source :
Here is my take on how and why to wearing Jeans in and as Office/formal/semi formal wear.

# Jeans with Button down shirt (cotton, satin, or silk) will always give polished and not so over the top look to any outfit. So is with Jeans. Think about your body structure and frame while choosing right fit of jeans. The less flared, more better for formal occassions. 

Stay away from tooo wide jeans while wearing as formals

# If you are wearing top with Jeans as formal wear, choose with at least quarter sleeve and stay away from plunging necklines. Moderate designs as Ruffles in formal wear or lace work is acceptable. Tops and tunics with revealing hemlines and are too tight should be avoided. 


Sweaters and cardigans are great with Jeans; choose those with right fitting again for polished look. Not too tight and not too loose is the mantra. Don't forget your overall accessorized look will give teamwork effect to the jeans worn as formal wear.

Victoria Beckham in sweater and jeans
Victoria Beckham in Turtle neck sweater and jeans
Rihanna in sweater and jeans
 See, how great is the jeans for formal meetings !!
Image source :

# Blazers with Jeans in formal wear! Do I need to repeat again? (Follow my post about Blazers here). A Blazer is instant Lift up to any outfit. Jeans, skirt, maxi dress. You name it ! So, work with the blazers and outers you have or if you are trying to invest in one, get it now. It will save your formal evening with the jeans you already have. 


Olivia Palermo in jeans and black outer

So, next time when I will get ready for any formal meeting, i'll not hesitate to give my beloved dark blue jeans a second chance. Do you think the post is useful to you ? Or, will you wear Jeans for any formal occassion or meeting ? Feel free to share through comments.