Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer style : Jumpsuit

Summer is here and i've been away from my blog for quite sometime. Was so desperately looking for some 'ME' time to post one of my fav post. I have been going Ga Ga over the Jumpsuits these days. Monsoon has already knocked at our door and freakingly Hot summer is right around the corner in coming days of September in Nepal. So, why not to try out those so appropriate JUMPSUITS !! NOW U GOT IT WHAT THIS POST IS ALL ABOUT. :-)

A Jumpsuit is very in these days which are appropriate for casual, evening out or even for the rainy days. And hey, dont forget to bote it has been worn even in Oscars and Vanity Fair parties by the celebrities so often that it is a trendsetter in itself.

How to wear a Jumpsuit : Runway style

How to Wear A Jumpsuit : Celebrity style

1. Wear in Solid, Earthy & Neutral Colors

Give the outfit right touch with right kind of accessories. No we dont need to have big amount. just make it simple and stunning.

2. Wear in Prints

Prints are the fabric of the season, and it gives feminine finish.included in the jumpsuits.



3. Jumpsuits as Shorts ( No extra top is needed )

The adorable jumpsuits can be worn as sexy and feminine short dresses with right and perfectly chosen accessories. Make statement with belt, Purse, Clutch and shawls.

4. Mixing things up ( Outer, Blazer, shawls and even Jackets)

Cameron Diaz rocks the white Jumpsuit layering with that bright necklace and Blue denim Jacket.

We should congratulate Rihanna for making a simple Jumpsuit a Stunner layering with black Blazer !! Wow, It looks sophisticated.

I am an avid fan of dressing sense of Jessica Alba. Always in right sync. Just note the casual wear Jumpsuit layered with Denim Jacket. and below is with Outer. Jessica Alba again. :-)

5. Belt effect

A belt which is perfectly matched with the outfit (either in contest or same color) can make u look  a Million bucks. Style is all about attitude and A belt can make a Jumpsuit the same. It makes us look sophisticated and ultra modern.

I just love this outfit and the effect the belt has given yo her. Glam !!

Funky summer touch with a dash of yellow.

6. Glam it up with Jumpsuit 

How can we learn from these celebs to rock a Jumpsuit instead of a gown. I just love all of these.

So, to summarize, we just need to get a jumpsuit this rainy season. I repeat, it is so appropriate for summer and monsoon ladies. Get rocking. 

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