Friday, September 27, 2013

How to make small space look larger (ideas :-)!!!

For most of all, space in our home is usually restricted. Unless you live in a house that is a Mansion and Villa, I think you too need to manage with whatever space you have. I prefer to use the areas in my home strategically than to live in a mansion that will make me spend more on cleaning and managing a larger space. Sometimes, we just need to give refreshing change or I would say facelift and makeover to whatever room and space we have. Here are some of popular and not so popular methods to make a room look larger than it really is!!

  1. Create a Focal point in the room :

Creating a focal point in a room is great as it makes our eyes stuck to the certain part or point of a room. 
Image :
You can play with prints and patterns in a wall, or place only one furniture, chest or cupboard that is a statement in itself. 
Image :
This will trick the eyes of the persons entering into the room and attention won't be on the tight space. 
Image :
You can even place a soothing or eye catching artwork to fake a view or distract from architectural flaws.

  1. Give your window some Treatments:

Hanging Curtains and rods in the window from the ceiling to the floor will make a room look larger. 
Image :

Matching the color of curtain and drapes with wall color will only add to its enlargement. So keep matchy matchy in tight space.
For more precise look, please have a look on the image below by apartment therapy that i fell in love with. Always hang curatins wider in width even for small width windows in a tight space and from ceiling to floor to make the room appear larger.

  1. Choose Glass or Lucite Furnishing

It may seem costly to many but placing furniture, specially a table made of glass or Lucite will make the room larger as they will disappear when looked in a room with other things.

Can you notice the lucite dining table in the image below. You almost didn't notice it in a group right ?
These furnitures just disappears when looked with other things.

  1. Give your walls some Stripes Treatment:

Giving walls and floors stripe treatment is budget friendly and will make a room feel larger. 

Image :
Place a rug with stripe pattern, in a room or in staircase, this is a simple trick.

  1. Mirrors are always a hit

Everything made from glass in a room, it will make a room appear larger. Decorating with Mirrors make a room look spacious. 
Let Mirrors shine in almirahs or just let it be an art itself. This is one of the cheapest ways to maximize a small room, or just to feel it's been maximized.

  1. Choose items with functionality

Choose furnishings and decorative items that offer maximum functionality in minimal space. We should use two small round tables instead of one big coffee table which are easier to move around.

Thankx for the read and I hope this post selects some of the major changes with little efforts in a tight space that needs attention. We all need some ideas isn't it? :-)