Thursday, November 6, 2014

How to style a Motor cycle leather jacket

Nepal has been witnessing chilly morning and evenings recently which is obviously beginning of winter season. So this post is related to one of my wish list which hopefully gets fulfilled in this winter. I want a nice Motor cycle jacket (Not to ride in motorcycle by the way) which will assist to most of the outfits we already own and also provide many different  looks altogether.

The jacket is mainly made up of leather but you can wear a faux one if you want to. Leather jacket are one of those addition to your wardrobe that will instantly add sophistication in your personality. Make sure, as other accessories, your rest of the outfits are well co-ordinated. You can certainly not wear flat slippers with a biker chic motor cycle jacket. So, How to style a Motor cycle leather jacket is described here.

# With your regular Jeans, tees, boots combination. Leather jacket easily blends with classics like striped tee and black boots.

# Wear with your colored and printed pants, leggings.

# Style your leather jacket with girly skirts, printed frocks as it will add the boldness required in girly and ladylike attire. This way it will toughen up your entire soft look.

# Make it’s utmost use in layering. Chambray (jeans) and check shirts, tees and even sweaters will go under it. So, actually you will have a Layering master in the form of Leather Jacket.

# If you are daring enough, leather jackets in color are in trend this spring and winter. So extremely suggested.

# Make your all white and all black look a top notch with help of leather jacket.


# Style with an old fashioned overall you already have. People will not notice as it will give look of a regular jeans.
 Hope you like this post and useful to you. Have a great time ahead.