Sunday, August 26, 2012

How to make Mint Green Color work

While going through the colour for the summer and Monsoon, i am fascinated towards the Mint Green this time around. Remember my post for the 'Coral' color ! While Coral is trendy and bright for the decor as well as wardrobe; Mint Green provides us the calmness that is needed in the summer season. Many of us are still not aware of the color. When it's close to Green and similar to light Blue, then it's Mint Green. I dont know why it was named after Mint as it's way too different from the color of Mint. Forget it ! we are just interested in the effect of the colour and not in the name.

Mint Green is not too vibrant and has that 'soothing effect' to the eyes. Not only in Decor and Interior of the home, Mint Green is the 'it' color for the fabrics we use for the clothes and even the furnitures ! Come and flow with the Spring Summer colour : Mint Green.

Furnitures and Home accessories in Mint Green

I liked the idea of homemaker of placing this rustic old almirah as storage option in bath area after painting with Mint Green color

Mint Green in Kitchen will turn it into such a relaxed area in home

While Experimenting with Mint Green in the Kitchen area, I will love to splash some  accessories,  Hand towels, Lights, cutlery sets in Fuchsia Pink, Red or even yellow will look great.

Wall Color scheme in Mint Green

I bet Mint Green works best with bright hued accessories and Coral color.

Home Accessories, Curtains Linen and covers in Mint Green 

If this Sitting area was given to me, I would have done with Some Cushions in Bright Hues ( Pink, yellow, red)

Work with Cushions like this in the Furnitures in Mint Green Color

Bath area with Mint Green color scheme

Wardrobe in Mint Green Color 

 I've always liked combination of Mint Green and Coral 

Mint Green Fashion Tips :

  • Always seek for some bright hues like coral, red, orange, Fuchsia while making combination with Mint Green color.
  • Mint Green is also the pastel one but little colorful than plain pastels (however i like pastels too.)
  • Mint Green can be used even in winter season in the form of blazers, jackets,stole or scarves.

Keep spreading happiness. Take care and see you with New Post soon.

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