Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Worst Face of Mankind - Peshawar Attack

Last 3 days have been terrible for me. Not only to maintain positiveness within but also for staying calm and peaceful. It simply refers to the cowardish Lindt Café hostage in Sydney, Australia and above all, worst face of mankind we have faced till now that occured in Peshawar, Pakistan. Terrorism has no religion and repeatedly fail to understand the idea of reaching out to ‘Jannat’ (Heaven) referred by the so called terrorists. Even they will have to answer for the cowardish acts they have been doing to their God, wont they ?

This blog is about Life style, a regular happenings of our life and I can not jot down a single word of happiness these days due to those inhuman and coward attack on children. Everytime I try to maintain my inner peace and utter some positive words, I become speechless. Is God on leave or forgot to control those who are not good enough for the sake of humanity !

I along with this Blog, pay heartfelt condolences and deep sympathy upon very sad and untimely demise of those beautiful children who were in uniform and at school to pursue their education. I don’t have words to console for the broken parents and people dealing with the fateful incident on their face. I don’t know how to react and my anger has no limits. Thoughts have been suppressed viewing the dead bodies of children which surpassed the 100 number. Yes, it is 142 till now !!

This is the most vulnerable time for tackling Terrorism which needs urgent treatment. Yes, treatment because it is more dangerous than Ebola, AIDS and even cancer as it wont spare a single person for any 20 days, 1 year or 2 months…..Once we are captured, we will see deaths, many deaths around and some brutal ones like in Peshawar. Can you imagine the fearful face of the innocent bundle of joys before being shot at head ! I am disturbed, mentally disturbed.

This blog will never able to wish a Very Happy New Year ahead to you readers and this is not beginning of a good year as well. Because, we are mourning. Mourning for those who lost their treasured lives and were 'still to be' blossomed because of some coward people who enjoy seeing blood.

Lets hope, our children are safe, lets make their future better and work together for it. Humanity is not limited within border and this is and should be a single religion we follow globally. Rest of the things are only personal choices. And ultimately, we are given beautiful life to enjoy, not for destruction. Aren’t we ?

Thursday, November 6, 2014

How to style a Motor cycle leather jacket

Nepal has been witnessing chilly morning and evenings recently which is obviously beginning of winter season. So this post is related to one of my wish list which hopefully gets fulfilled in this winter. I want a nice Motor cycle jacket (Not to ride in motorcycle by the way) which will assist to most of the outfits we already own and also provide many different  looks altogether.

The jacket is mainly made up of leather but you can wear a faux one if you want to. Leather jacket are one of those addition to your wardrobe that will instantly add sophistication in your personality. Make sure, as other accessories, your rest of the outfits are well co-ordinated. You can certainly not wear flat slippers with a biker chic motor cycle jacket. So, How to style a Motor cycle leather jacket is described here.

# With your regular Jeans, tees, boots combination. Leather jacket easily blends with classics like striped tee and black boots.

# Wear with your colored and printed pants, leggings.

# Style your leather jacket with girly skirts, printed frocks as it will add the boldness required in girly and ladylike attire. This way it will toughen up your entire soft look.

# Make it’s utmost use in layering. Chambray (jeans) and check shirts, tees and even sweaters will go under it. So, actually you will have a Layering master in the form of Leather Jacket.

# If you are daring enough, leather jackets in color are in trend this spring and winter. So extremely suggested.

# Make your all white and all black look a top notch with help of leather jacket.


# Style with an old fashioned overall you already have. People will not notice as it will give look of a regular jeans.
 Hope you like this post and useful to you. Have a great time ahead.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

How to create many looks with Plain White T-shirt (Mens' Edition)

A plain white T-shirt is a wardrobe staple for many of us. Let not make it boring in/as men's wear. A plain white tee is equally important to re create many looks as we want. Here is a simple 'How to Re-create as many looks with a Plain White T-shirt for Men'. So, spice it up and don’t ignore that simple and plain White T shirt you already own.

# Make it your casual best friend: 

Nothing says "fresh and clean" like a crisp white tee. The simplicity of a white tee lets you add some layers without complicating the look. Shorts, flannel/Check shirt, and brightly colored accessories all make fine companions.

# Combine with Khaki:

Just pair a crisp white tee with some classic khakis, and half-tuck the shirt as an ode to the '50s.

# Dressed down in Blazer:

For a look that's, trim and tidy but not overly formal; you can easily choose a T-shirt and blazer. A white tee keeps the colors subdued, and underscores your blazer of choice, be it brown suede or navy blue.

# Ready for weekend :

Don't always opt for sweatpants while heading out. A white tee can help you retain your appearance with minimal added effort. Jeans and a tee can go with almost any cardigan, so pick your favorite and hit the road.

# Informal 'Formal':

A white tee sure can clean up nice. Don't want to all suited up in your standard suit, skip the tie and button-down.  It may not make the mark in a black tie wedding, but you'll be able to rock your suit in a wide range of settings without drawing undue attention.

So, next time when you see your plain white T shirt lying ignored in your cup board, what will you do? This post aims at helping you to accessorize with what you already have. Do you like this post on Mens' wear? Till next post. Take care.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How to make Easiest Nepali Pickle Ever with a twist of brinjal or eggplant !

It was just another day in my kitchen in those wee hours of morning, when i actually don't get any spare time even to attend my phone ! But daily enthusiasm was there at it's best and i planned to give our age old Nepali Tomato Pickle a twist. I had heard of mixing tomato with Brinjal (Eggplant or Aubergine) and always wondered, how the taste will turn out and what will it really look like ! But to my immense pleasure, it was delicious and tangy enough to lure other members of  my family. :-). It can be served for 6-7 persons with lunch, breakfast or dinner. Rice, Chapatis, breads are best to serve the tomato pickle with.

Here is my pictorial journey of the easiest Nepali pickle recipe.

Ingredients for regular Nepali Tomato Pickle:

  1. 4 Big Tomato
  2. 1 Normal sized Brinjal or eggplant
  3. Black pepper powder (you can make your own by grinding 5-6 black peppers)
  4. Salt as per your taste (1 small spoon for this recipe)
  5. 2 dry red chilies
  6. Coriander 2 spoonful (chopped)
  7. 3-4 flakes of Garlic
  8. Ginger (peeled)
  9. Lemon juice (1/2 lemon)
  10. Fenugreek seeds (3-4 seeds)
  11. 1/2 tea spoonful mustard oil for seasoning

Things you will need:

  1. Traditional Stone Grinder or Electrical Blender whichever you will like to use.
  2. A chopping board
  3. A knife

# Wash the Brinjal, tomato, garlic and coriander. Chop the coriander and peel the outer layer of garlic and ginger.

# Roast the tomato and brinjal in your gas stove. Make sure it wont get burnt and set the medium flame on. Let them roasted evenly and keep turning its' side. When its' done, it should look like this.

# Peel its' burnt outer layer without getting them mashed.

#After the brinjal is peeled, it will look like this, tender and ready to be grinded.

 # Now, in a blender, or grinder; grind all the ingredients except fenugreek seeds and oil. Grind in a smooth paste. 
# Then add tomatoes and roasted brinjal.
# After it gets smooth and all the lumps are grinded, transfer to a clean bowl and set aside.

 # Now, its turn for extra seasoning. Heat 1/2 teaspoon mustard oil in a pan. When oil is heated, add fenugreek seeds. when it starts to splutter and turns little brown, its done. 

#Transfer the oil with fenugreek seeds to the pickle made, mix it and its done.


The pickle can be freezed and used for 3-4 days. Enjoy your tangy pickle and explore the unique taste. Remember, you can add salt and chilly powder as per your taste. 

Till next post, Take care. And Happy Id festival who are celebrating today. :-)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Style Diaries : OSCAR Red Carpet

A Gap must be for a purpose. That is what I feel for my Blogging activeness. Though it may sound an excuse for not posting a single post in a month!! Still, I don't have any regrets as this gap was for my precious time with family, as a doting mother. A Blogger took a backseat for a Mother, I would say. And I hope my readers know what family time actually means :-). So, here I am with some of the finest memories of OSCAR Award Ceremony that was held sometime ago.

Every Occasion has its own charm and OSCAR Red carpet has been remaining to be at it's excellence with each passing years, getting better of course. This time around, some classic silhouette and style were adapted by these celebrities that you probably don't want to miss at all. Take a Glimpse these are my favorite picks.

Bling Factor

There was a lot of Bling moment in latest OSCAR Red Carpet. Most of them were in nude shades and earthy, jewel tones. 
Angelina Jolie

Kate Blanchet in Floral Applique sequined sheer dress

Sally Hawkins

Jenna Dewan in Reem Acra

Emma Watson in Mettalic Black separates

Also, does aging means no fun? Not At all. What an example of wearing Emerald, a hit Jewel tone. Sheer Metallic, Bling and sequins with Appliqués and embellishments whatever you like. Take a chance. Bling is here to stay. Lessons learnt: Shine in your own Bling. :-)
June Squibb in Sequinned Emerald Dress

Black and White Classic

Have you read this post? I think these celebrities have read my post and wore accordingly (Just kidding)! Black and White are a cult classic and can be repeated year after year.

Meryl Streep

Anne Hathaway in Prada

Olivia Wilde

Black and White are combination best suited for almost any occasion, from party to office. Channel your inner vixen and mesmerize the world by your Black magic, that's what this OSCAR Red carpet was screaming.

Nude and Blush Babble

While we may feel brighter in color and love to explore, Nude and blush shades make us look somber and calm within. Best part of Nude shade is, you can find every shade of nude as per our complexion. 
Portia De Rossi

Lupita Nyong in Prada

Naomi Watts in Calvein Klein

Kate Hudson

Penelope Cruz

Nude is completely not Racist. There's no any restriction for use of Powder Blue, Blush Pink. These are certainly flattering to every woman of this world and OSCAR 2014 has proved it :-). Yes, Lupita, You've said " No matter where you are from, your dreams are valid !" Respect to you.

I am on serious envy mode (Clothes you see :-), Still we can manage with the hint of styling these shades and colors in our stride. What do you like the most in latest OSCAR event ?