Monday, June 15, 2015

Earthquake Fear, Cesarean & Birth of my 2nd child

Here I am sitting with my 22nd day old baby girl and having some remarkable luxuries of absolute Nepali household via post natal care, I still am in fear of impending aftershocks of previous earthquakes that has been hitting hard upon Nepal last month. Yes, it did affect me as well as a 38 weeks pregnant !! The unpreparedness beforehand was the major cause as we had never ever faced such level of earthquake ever since we existed !

After exact 1 month of the major earthquake, I was admitted in the hospital which we selected for its amazing services before. But here I was diagnosed in the tents, thanks to the effects of earthquake. Fear jolted inside me for impending Cesarean operation to be carried on the next day, will I be capable to deal with it in the tents ? Luckily, I was privileged again to get operated in the ground floor of the 14th floored hospital and they were prepared for the obvious fear of their patients. 

The point here I want to highlight is life simultaneously gives us many reasons to rejoice even amidst fear and trauma and we get sanity if we acknowledge those reasons and learn to move on.  I was still one of the few lucky ones in our country with hospital facilities and care of family members. As I write this, there are still many women and children deprived of major sanitation, care and other post natal services required in those districts which are severely affected from the Earthquake.

In some selfish way, I still fear of the upcoming shocks (if any) as a new  mother. I fear of the situation where there will be no food around, no sanitation for needy people in such natural disasters. Such situation largely affects pregnant women, those who have recently delivered, children and aged people. We can only hope for the best days and be prepared for any worse scenarios.

What I've learnt from these earthquakes is life is such a precious gift and being alive to experience different facets of it should be the greatest achievements. We may not have the best of everything but we still can rise from whatever we have. Having instant faith in our strength and capabilities and working on them are the greatest assets. We will definitely bounce back. Thanks for reading me after a hiatus. I wish I could update you regularly and as a new mother again, I can only WISH so at least for some time. :-)