Thursday, August 30, 2012

Trend Alert: Palazzo Pant

New trouser shape of Spring/summer has arrived. This range of amazing Palazzo trousers and Palazzo pants have got everyone talking. When you will look at the display of the shops and outlets, there are various kinds of fabric and designs to choose from according to one's body type and height.

As per Wikipedia, women's trousers with very wide legs are known as Palazzo Pant/Trousers [palazzo from Italian, literally: palace]. The trend came in 1970's and now back in closets of fashionista.  Lets learn How to wear Palazzo pants as it's one of my favourite kind of this season. i wish to have one soon.

Palazzo pants and Trousers in runway

Wear palzzzo Trousers in prints and the fabric with flow like chiffon and georgette and Lycra.

Palazzo pants as formal and evening wear

If you are brave enough to carry bold and super bright colours, try with colors like, Fuchsia pink, canary yellow and Blue while wearing palazzo.

Spice it up with belts that fits you

Palazzo Casual

Palazzo pants can be worn for a casual day and bright color will make it look a class apart.

Combination for a dayout in Palzzo pant in summer

 Again, fabric wise, Georgette and Lycra are one of the best materials for Palazzo pant

Palazzo in Pastel  colors

I am an avid fan of pastel colors as well as bright ones. I equally love both of the hues. But Palazzo Pant in pastel colors is always a winner.

Palazzo in pastel color can make you look million bucks if combined with right accessories. For me, the look is best in the evenings.

Romu Shrestha in her Palazzo Pant in Earthy Brown color. I must admit she has a very classy and elegant way of wearing clothes which I really like.

Palazzo in Prints 

While i am not a very good fan of palazzo in prints and cotton fabrics, they who wear it always claim that it has the most comfortable feel, perfect for summer. If you have beaches around and dont want to show that much skin, this is the best choice.

Black & White Palazzo

Can anyone go wrong with Black or white ? Nay. And this applies for the Palazzo pants as well. It looks vintage, classy and has old world charm of the 60s era. Add some golden cuffs and right accessories, you are ready to go.

Palazzo as Salwaar in Traditional Wear

While palazzo was a trend in west and still a rage in fashion, it can be combined in Asian wear as well in the form of 'Salwaar' in the Salwaar suits (Kurta Suruwal). Many Indian and Pakistani designers have been making it work in Indian wear. My favorite ones are from latest collection of Manish Malhotra. Why not to get some ideas from them ?

What to look for while wearing a Palazzo Pant:

  • Chhose from the material like georgette, Lycra and chiffon to wear palazzo as  the evening wear. 
  • Wear Moderate or High heels bcoz Palazzo doesn't look that good in flats. 
  • While wearing palazzo, always tuck in the top/shirt. 
  • If possible wear belts. 
  • Blazers can look classy with palazzo (though i dont have any pictures of it here), choose according to your height. Short  length Blazers will look good with good heights.

So, what are you waiting for this spring/summer ? 

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  1. I was going through your post, was really liking it until i saw something unexpected which made me like it even more! Thanks for the feature:) palazzo pants are one of my must haves for spring /summer

  2. I am so looking forward to come to Nepal this time and buy all the beautiful Kurata with those amazing salwaar. They look so beautiful. I just want to know if Chunky necklace are in Nepal this summer.

    1. Nice to know that you are planning to come home. After all home is where the heart is. :-) . And yes, chunky earings are very in also in Nepal. But the trend has not been understood by many of Nepalese women here. They still wear ooodles of jwelleries whenever they get a chance. Wearing all whatever you have is what we all tend to do here and very few of urban woman know to make statement with accessories.

  3. Nice range of formal palazzo pants

  4. wat a lovely palazzo.. Nice collection!! I love to buy best lycra palazzo to look gorgeous.