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Timeless and affordable designs of : HAA

Many has been written about the House of Alternative Apparel (HAA) which is founded by Manish Pandit and Malvika Subba (Ms. Nepal 2002), the clothing line that began about a year ago with an organic collection ‘Eco-Essentials’ has been available to online shoppers all over the world through their website The company has gained recognition for it's quality, style and affordable prices. From the selection of fabrics and buttons to stitching, everything has an edge. HAA aims to provide a line of clothing that'll look good, if not better than what's being offered in the current market.

The HAA’s store is spreaded over 500 sq ft, opposite of Uttar Dhoka of Narayanhity Palace Museum, Lazimpat, Kathmandu and features an extensive line-up of Western clothes for men and women. What makes the HAA’s products special is that they are made of natural and organic fabrics and are designed by Nepali fashion designers. 

There are three collections at HAA :
  1. Eco Essentials, 
  2. Just T’s 
  3. AIRA. 

Just T’s has solely focused on summer t-shirts with cool graphics and quotes. AIRA is an assortment of everything for women from corporate, summers to cocktails dresses.

All of the clothes at HAA are locally designed and made in Nepal and there is also an exclusive collection by Nepal’s most sought after designer Tenzin Tseten Bhutia for AIRA.
  Malvika Subba with blogger Lex Limbu

The idea behind the HAA is to promote domestic outfits by using domestic materials and manpower, as per the founder members. The HAA was established in 2010 by former Miss Nepal Malvika Subba and two partners with the Eco Essential label. After selling its products to a few retail stores in Kathmandu, the HAA decided to open its own retail store. The acceptance of HAA products by customers prompted Ms. Subba and her team to come up with their own store.

Excluding the Tenzin Tseten Bhutia range all of the clothes are very affordable with floral print dress costing Nrs 1200-1500. The men’s t-shirts were at an affordable Nrs 750-850. Designer Bhutia’s dresses ranged from Nrs 2000 to 4200. They aren’t too messy; neat and simply classy. The clothes at HAA have a very fresh Look and women's wear have classy feel.

  • Just T’s is available in                                                    : casual, funky, funny, polo and print     designs. 
  • Designs targeted at age group                                      : 20 years to 40 years
  • Prices of the HAA’s T-shirts start at                              : Rs 750-Rs 1200
  • Casual women’s wear of AIRA label costs around       : Rs 1,500 
  • Evening wear of AIRA label are priced at                      : Rs 2,000 and above
  • Eco Essentials                                                              : prices start at Rs 1,000 

Malvika Subba in a dress by AIRA (Designer: Nilima Maden)

The collection of HAA is available in three different standard sizes—Small, Medium and Large. They’ve worked on the basis of their research on Nepali body types. 

Rainbow colrs in designs of HAA
The HAA has also featured their products at, keeping in mind international customers and Nepalese living in other countries. The HAA also plans to expand its product portfolio by launching corporate wear, winter wear, maternity lines, bags and shoes. But men’s collection is very much limited with only t-shirts and few long-sleeves. 

Photo :
However, they’ve used local fabrics for some of the designs for the other two collections. They also have fabric stock from India. For tees, they have imported from Bangladesh

malvika Subba in a design with 'Eco freindly' label

Malvika Subba in a Gorgeous dress by HAA (Designer : Nilima Maden)
 Photo credit :

Malvika Subba in a dress AIRA (Designer : Nilima Maden)

Design of AIRA 

Actress Nisha Adhikari in Peplum dress designed by AIRA

A summer Polka dotted dress by AIRA

Cocktail dresses by AIRA


 What I like about the designs of HAA :

  •  HAA products are made of Quality fabric and has an international appeal.
  • Affordable price range
  • Availability of shift dresses that can work as day wear and evening dress as well in the label AIRA.
  • Different yet stylish and classy (read 'timeless') dresses available than other fashionable stores in town.

Disclaimer: It is not an advertisement of anykind. 


  1. I have been looking into this brand for a while and this will me one of my stop for shopping in Nepal. I think they are doing a great job. I am hoping I will find some nice dresses :). Thanks for more information.

    P.S: YOur first photo is Malvika Subba with Lex Limbu not Malvika Subba with Tenzin Tseten Bhutia.

    1. Ooooo. It was a mistake, thankx a lot. it has been edited.