Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Style Heritage : Mustard Yellow

What’s in the Color? Whenever it is being asked my only answer is: choosing right shade of Color can make you shine and bring your inner self to the world. How? It’s like choosing right kind of hairstyle. Sticking to the topic, Mustard Yellow is not a new phenomenon. It was in the closet of style savvy persons since ages which have made a comeback in the closet of fashionistas. That’s why I call it a ‘Fashion Heritage’ which is back in the limelight. 
Runway of fashion shows have been flooded with the color since 2011 which doesn’t seem to vanish easily! Mustard yellow is the color which is suitable in almost any skin color and can make a simple outfit a stunner one (of course with right selection of matching outfits)!! The color can not be regarded only as the spring/summer one and it’s upto us how we incorporate the color for a chic and stylish look in winter wear as well.

Mustard Yellow in runways:

Mustard yellow for Mens' wear as well (who says it's only a female color):

I am in love with this coat of Jennifer Lopez. So sleek and polished still cosy.

Jennifer Lopez in Mustard Yellow Coat

Taylor Swift and Olivia Palermo in Mustard yellow color

Have a closer look at Taylor Swift ensemble, Mustard Yellow works best with neutral colors like black, white and other light shades.

Taylor Swift in Gorgeous Mustard Yellow Chiffon Skirt

Taylor Swift in Mustard Yellow dress and Outer

Mustard Yellow is a brighter color which demands very minimal accessories with no fuss at all.

Marissa Toimei in Mustard Yellow Evening Gown

Winter can be colorful with help of Mustard Yellow, simply add a Coat or Outer/cardigan/sweater of  the same color.

Taylor Swift in Mustard Yellow Trench Coat

If you are not a bright color person, simply add an accessory in Mustard yellow color, it will spell magic to overall look. Don't combine it with other too bright colors.

Jessica Biel in Mustard Yellow Scarf and neutral wardrobe

As Yves Saint Laurent has said "Fashions Fade, Style is Eternal". I believe that every indivisual has their own sense of style so I don't claim for any specific one. Still, combine Mustard color with the neutral colors that blends well and will look classy instead of trashy. A little effort can transform our look, then why not ? What do you say do you like Mustrad color? 

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