Saturday, August 16, 2014

How to create many looks with Plain White T-shirt (Mens' Edition)

A plain white T-shirt is a wardrobe staple for many of us. Let not make it boring in/as men's wear. A plain white tee is equally important to re create many looks as we want. Here is a simple 'How to Re-create as many looks with a Plain White T-shirt for Men'. So, spice it up and don’t ignore that simple and plain White T shirt you already own.

# Make it your casual best friend: 

Nothing says "fresh and clean" like a crisp white tee. The simplicity of a white tee lets you add some layers without complicating the look. Shorts, flannel/Check shirt, and brightly colored accessories all make fine companions.

# Combine with Khaki:

Just pair a crisp white tee with some classic khakis, and half-tuck the shirt as an ode to the '50s.

# Dressed down in Blazer:

For a look that's, trim and tidy but not overly formal; you can easily choose a T-shirt and blazer. A white tee keeps the colors subdued, and underscores your blazer of choice, be it brown suede or navy blue.

# Ready for weekend :

Don't always opt for sweatpants while heading out. A white tee can help you retain your appearance with minimal added effort. Jeans and a tee can go with almost any cardigan, so pick your favorite and hit the road.

# Informal 'Formal':

A white tee sure can clean up nice. Don't want to all suited up in your standard suit, skip the tie and button-down.  It may not make the mark in a black tie wedding, but you'll be able to rock your suit in a wide range of settings without drawing undue attention.

So, next time when you see your plain white T shirt lying ignored in your cup board, what will you do? This post aims at helping you to accessorize with what you already have. Do you like this post on Mens' wear? Till next post. Take care.