Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Pantone Color of year 2014 : Royal Orchid

Pantone Color is back again! Pantone Inc.’s color of the year for 2014 is 'Radiant Orchid', succeeding 2013′s color Emerald. Royal Orchid has Pink hue in Purple accent. 

Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute Leatrice Eiseman has made the color decision for the past 13 years. She said in a statement that the color of 2014 is “an invitation to innovation” that “encourages expanded creativity and originality.” She also claims it’s a color that Michelle Obama often wears and notes designers like Max Mara, Marc Jacobs, Salvatore Ferragamo, Ermengildo Zegnahave have been incorporating orchid hues into their collections in the past year.

Eiseman explains. "It's an invitation to innovation. The purple family offers (an) opportunity to do creative things."
Pantone officials have picked “radiant orchid” based on extensive interviews with industrial and fashion designers worldwide about what color they plan to use in upcoming seasons as well as sales of “color swatches,” according to the Wall Street .Journal
Like emerald, which was last year’s color of the year, this saturated hue is a rich jewel tone, but that doesn’t mean it’s only for fall and winter weddings. If you love bright colors then pair radiant orchid with teal or go simple and combine it with white for a fresh spring or summer palette!

Pantone sets color standards for commercial use by design industries. Pantone's pick for color of the year will certainly have a strong presence in fashion, beauty, home design and consumer products.

The color is very relevant for spring, but I think even going into next fall it can be very pretty. In ready-to-wear, Royal orchid color mixes beautifully with other tones like chocolate browns, and burgundy or Bordeaux makes for a deeper, richer tonal story.
As the experts predict, it will translate just as well into lip color and eye shadow, and in home furnishings. I would love it in velvet. It will certainly look so luxurious.

Experts believe all designers want everyone to have fun with their clothes and to enjoy what they are wearing, but there still needs to be a bit of practicality. Colors talk to the idea of optimism in fashion. The three most popular colors for spring 2014 are Dazzling Blue (the main blue shade featured on Facebook), Violet Tulip and Radiant Orchid. Rounding out the list, Celosia Orange, Freesia, Cayenne, Placid Blue, Paloma, Sand and Hemlock.

I think we will see purple furniture, pink poufs, fuchsia bedding frequently this year and perhaps Radiant Orchid gowns at this year's Oscars.
Jessica Pare in Royal Orchid colored Dress
So if there was ever a perfect time to buy orchids or sport the color, it is for this new year. personally I feel Royal Orchid is refreshing hue for home decor and interiors. Just paint a bland wall or dedicate a area rug for it, stairs or whatever space you have; Royal orchid is inviting and cosy. 
Image via : House Beautiful

By the way I wish all you readers and non readers a very happy new year 2014 ahead that will bring sense of prosperity and refreshing comparing to the past ones. Love, care, be happy.....and shine in your own inner light. :-)

Monday, November 25, 2013

Plus Size dressing Ideas and New Rules

Being a working woman means you always need to look presentable and being a plus size and means you have to think twice before making your sartorial choices. I can't just open my closet (gasp....I will love to have one), and wear 'Something' accordingly. Like many other ladies, I have to re-consider my outfit and judge my look even though I hate to.

So, does 'being presentable for a plus size' mean you can't wear what you love/like? I think otherwise. :-) After searching and window shopping most of the shops and stores, I've found it's difficult to find a perfect item for making a perfect outfit for plus size. You ask How to rock a plus size figure? Here we go.........

# Style Tip No. 1: Brighten Up Yourself

Don't cover yourself in black and brown though they are versatile. "Black lets you hide, but that's not always good! A bright piece with a slimming fit, like the red pencil skirt, will draw the right kind of attention" says Aimee Cheshire, the size-16 CEO of madisonplusselect.com (she is in the picture below).
Image via: MSN

If you think Red Skirt is vibrant for you and not versatile enough to blend with other pieces you already have, think about Maroon, Burgundy, Navy Blue.
Image via : Wardrobe oxygen

# Style Tip No. 2: Play with your look

This one is made for me literally. Every time I head to stores to purchase a new piece thinking of I'll explore my new look with it, I tend to get attracted in same old ones that have done nothing good in my present personality. They might have been good for my old body but now it's not acceptable to my body of a different size and shape! :-)  

Image via : www.outfitidentifier.com
Aimee Cheshire says again that if you think skinny jeans is not for plus size, then think again! She says to try ones in heavy denim with a lot of stretch; they will smooth us out and hold us in. A flowy top keeps our look in proportion or style it with your well tailored Blazer for sophistication.

# Style Tip No. 3: Be Bold with Prints

Many of us think large prints will make us look bigger. In many cases it certainly does. But according to new plus size rule, go for one with a graphic that's randomly placed," says Aimee. 

It keeps the eye moving, so it doesn't draw attention to one spot. Larger prints complement our body figure a lot better than tiny ones.

# Style Tip No. 4: Yes Horizontal Stripes!

Stripes are trending, they are classic and versatile for many other pieces we already have. But for plus size? Horizontal stripes can make plus size body wider than it really is, so the idea is to wear thin stripes on a dark background. 
Image via : Wardrobe Oxygen
They won't highlight problem areas like thick ones can. We can add layering pieces that will help to define curves.

# Style Tip No. 5: Embrace Layering

Stylists swear by it. Layering is one of the best ways to enhance the curves we have and getting those pieces in use.
Image via: www.Curvygirlchic.com
Either it's a cardigan, a short moto leather jacket or a blazer, layering them over and putting together will make us not only hide our problem areas, and it defines curves.
Image via: www.girlwithcurves.com
One point in layering, stay safe from adding bulk and define your silhouette. We can even define our natural waist with a belt; it will give a lean silhouette and cinches our waist where we have unnecessary flab.

# Style Tip No. 6: Get 1 outfit in Peplum

Peplum can actually be a great addition if we are trying to get one new piece. Besides being fun, peplum can also reduce width of the waist so we’ll appear curvier and can also hide flab around our belly area.
Image via : www.girlwithcurves.com
Peplum tops look best when worn with a curve skimming bottom. Skinny or straight leg jeans or a pencil skirt will give you a tailored, well put together look.
Image via : Kayla Taylor (www.Pinterest.com)
So, instead of getting frustrated, applying these measures will save us traumatic situation while creating outfits from pieces we already own. These are even called 'New Rules for Plus size' that will flatter most of the bodies.

I must say Forget the rules the magazines state you must follow, we can happily wear horizontal stripes, bright colors, and skinny. Just make sure they fit properly and go with your body style. And we should never forget no outfit is made for making us look thinner, it will only make us look put together. I've decided to create an outfit considering what I already own and then I should purchase further.

What do you do to enhance your curves and is this post beneficial for you? Will be happy to share. Thankx for the read. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Designer in Spotlight : Bishwo Gautam

With vast influence of globalization in Nepalese lifestyles, Nepalese fashion industry is ever expanding and so is the prospects of job for fresh designers. One of many new talented faces in Nepali fashion scenario is Bishwo Gautam creating his designs via logo which reads 'bg'.
Bishwo Gautam in folio magazine cover
Whatever we can see through media, pages and his fashion shows; he has taken style and fashion of Nepali celebrities by storm. As far as I've seen his creations flaunted by popular celebrities and media personalities, I immensely like the way he has captured the trends popular in west and created for Nepali personalities. Sheer, Net, Slit, Cut out you name it! 
One of creations of Bishwo Gautam
You can find what you like in his creations. If not, you can head to his store located at Soaltee Mode, Kathmandu, Nepal for the kind of dress you want. 

Malvika Subba who regularly chooses BG creations

Isn't this black gown a stunner and can dazzle in international red carpet events ?

Whatever we can see through media and pages, he has taken style and fashion of Nepali celebrities by storm. As far as I've seen his creations flaunted by popular celebrities and media personalities, I immensely like the way he has captured the trends popular in west and created for Nepali personalities. Sheer, Net, Slit, Cut out you name it! You can find what you like in his creations. If not, you can head to his store located at Soaltee Mode, Kathmandu, Nepal for the kind of dress you want.
Loving these intricate lace details in dresses worn by Diya maskey and Nisha Adhikary They are BG creations.

Priyanka Karkee in Bishwo Gautam Cut out dress
Bishwo Gautam with model wearing his new Saree design

A Model wears Bishwo Gautam Cut out Bikini range.

A Bishwo Gautam creation

As a prospect consumer, only thing I would like to see is that a non celebrity could afford to flaunt them. But yes, the universal truth of high cost of raw materials to make these designs remains sole reason for the cost we pay. It still is fabulous unless Bishwo Gautam can make us look fabulous. If you want to splurge, designs of Bishwo Gautam are worth it. Hope he will cater best of his creations in coming days that are fabulous and wearable as now. He can also be contacted via his website www.bishwogautam.com.

So, are you planning for a stunning dress for any special event?

Image source : Facebook page of Bishwo Gautam

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Color Blocking Trend : How to wear for maximum benefit ?

"Fashion is what served to us 4 times a year and Style is what we choose from it". And I simply agree. 
While Color Blocking was a rage last year in fashion and home decor. It was a popular trend but how we choose to wear it ? It depends upon how we decide to style it in our way. Color-blocking is when a garment or outfit is composed of finite blocks of color.  


Now the reason it is popular, and mentioned as a trend is because color blocking is most commonly styled with bright color; it is almost used with bright color as well as monochromatic colors. And Often almost neon shades! That isn't something for the faint of heart. 

However, we can still wear the color blocking trend by combining two solid block of color.

Style Tip 1# While color blocking your outfit, don't mess with many colors. Chose two colors that you don’t normally wear together.

Style Tip 2# Without a doubt, color-blocking is a bold and fun way to dress! The secret is to make sure the focus remains on you and not solely the style technique. You want to wear the trend and not let the trend wear you.

Style Tip 3# Complete your look with neutrals – neutral colors (gray, brown, black, camel, white, navy, etc.), neutral designs and/or neutral accessories, as necessary. These neutral pieces can be gorgeous, yet they need to be visually uneventful in relation to the rest of your outfit to best support your chosen color-blocking style.

Benefits of Color Blocking:

1. Color Blocking is great for all body types and shapes. If strategically placed, it camouflages the bulges and fats in tummy areas which is a problem of many.

2. While wearing color blocked dress or outfits, body can have new dimensions and you can appear taller. It helps to elongates heights which can work wonder for boosting confidence levels.

  • Here is what Vogue suggests while color blocking outfit:
# Team colors from the same family together for a harmonious look - think bright pinks with vivid fuchsias, turquoise with royal blue.

# Keep warmer tones like orange and red together.

# Go for a neutral-toned shoe to keep it simple.
# Work regal purples in with contrasting, fiery oranges.

# Go to town on the look with a loud, contrasting shoe or handbag.

Now, of those many trends in runway, i found Color blocking wearable in daily lives for corporate wear. If strategically placed, these blocking of colors can make you look slimmer, taller and confident. Even a purple sweater thrown over a yellow dress can be a simple yet effective color blocking. Depends, how you choose the colors that will flatter you. What do you think ? Do you use color blocking or is it just a trend for you ? 

Image source: www.vogue.com and web

Friday, September 27, 2013

How to make small space look larger (ideas :-)!!!

For most of all, space in our home is usually restricted. Unless you live in a house that is a Mansion and Villa, I think you too need to manage with whatever space you have. I prefer to use the areas in my home strategically than to live in a mansion that will make me spend more on cleaning and managing a larger space. Sometimes, we just need to give refreshing change or I would say facelift and makeover to whatever room and space we have. Here are some of popular and not so popular methods to make a room look larger than it really is!!

  1. Create a Focal point in the room :

Creating a focal point in a room is great as it makes our eyes stuck to the certain part or point of a room. 
Image : www.freshome.com
You can play with prints and patterns in a wall, or place only one furniture, chest or cupboard that is a statement in itself. 
Image : www.homedit.com
This will trick the eyes of the persons entering into the room and attention won't be on the tight space. 
Image : www.Inthralld.com
You can even place a soothing or eye catching artwork to fake a view or distract from architectural flaws.

  1. Give your window some Treatments:

Hanging Curtains and rods in the window from the ceiling to the floor will make a room look larger. 
Image : www.Abodelove.blogspot.com

Image: www.potterybarn.com
Matching the color of curtain and drapes with wall color will only add to its enlargement. So keep matchy matchy in tight space.
For more precise look, please have a look on the image below by apartment therapy that i fell in love with. Always hang curatins wider in width even for small width windows in a tight space and from ceiling to floor to make the room appear larger.
Image: www.apartmenttherapy.com

  1. Choose Glass or Lucite Furnishing

It may seem costly to many but placing furniture, specially a table made of glass or Lucite will make the room larger as they will disappear when looked in a room with other things.

Can you notice the lucite dining table in the image below. You almost didn't notice it in a group right ?
Image: www.cococozy.com
These furnitures just disappears when looked with other things.
Image: www.nicheinteriors.com

  1. Give your walls some Stripes Treatment:

Giving walls and floors stripe treatment is budget friendly and will make a room feel larger. 
Image: www.betterdcoratingbible.com

Image : www.elledecor.com
Place a rug with stripe pattern, in a room or in staircase, this is a simple trick.

  1. Mirrors are always a hit

Everything made from glass in a room, it will make a room appear larger. Decorating with Mirrors make a room look spacious. 
Let Mirrors shine in almirahs or just let it be an art itself. This is one of the cheapest ways to maximize a small room, or just to feel it's been maximized.

  1. Choose items with functionality

Choose furnishings and decorative items that offer maximum functionality in minimal space. We should use two small round tables instead of one big coffee table which are easier to move around.

Thankx for the read and I hope this post selects some of the major changes with little efforts in a tight space that needs attention. We all need some ideas isn't it? :-)