Saturday, October 5, 2013

Color Blocking Trend : How to wear for maximum benefit ?

"Fashion is what served to us 4 times a year and Style is what we choose from it". And I simply agree. 
While Color Blocking was a rage last year in fashion and home decor. It was a popular trend but how we choose to wear it ? It depends upon how we decide to style it in our way. Color-blocking is when a garment or outfit is composed of finite blocks of color.  


Now the reason it is popular, and mentioned as a trend is because color blocking is most commonly styled with bright color; it is almost used with bright color as well as monochromatic colors. And Often almost neon shades! That isn't something for the faint of heart. 

However, we can still wear the color blocking trend by combining two solid block of color.

Style Tip 1# While color blocking your outfit, don't mess with many colors. Chose two colors that you don’t normally wear together.

Style Tip 2# Without a doubt, color-blocking is a bold and fun way to dress! The secret is to make sure the focus remains on you and not solely the style technique. You want to wear the trend and not let the trend wear you.

Style Tip 3# Complete your look with neutrals – neutral colors (gray, brown, black, camel, white, navy, etc.), neutral designs and/or neutral accessories, as necessary. These neutral pieces can be gorgeous, yet they need to be visually uneventful in relation to the rest of your outfit to best support your chosen color-blocking style.

Benefits of Color Blocking:

1. Color Blocking is great for all body types and shapes. If strategically placed, it camouflages the bulges and fats in tummy areas which is a problem of many.

2. While wearing color blocked dress or outfits, body can have new dimensions and you can appear taller. It helps to elongates heights which can work wonder for boosting confidence levels.

  • Here is what Vogue suggests while color blocking outfit:
# Team colors from the same family together for a harmonious look - think bright pinks with vivid fuchsias, turquoise with royal blue.

# Keep warmer tones like orange and red together.

# Go for a neutral-toned shoe to keep it simple.
# Work regal purples in with contrasting, fiery oranges.

# Go to town on the look with a loud, contrasting shoe or handbag.

Now, of those many trends in runway, i found Color blocking wearable in daily lives for corporate wear. If strategically placed, these blocking of colors can make you look slimmer, taller and confident. Even a purple sweater thrown over a yellow dress can be a simple yet effective color blocking. Depends, how you choose the colors that will flatter you. What do you think ? Do you use color blocking or is it just a trend for you ? 

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