Sunday, August 5, 2012

Home Decor Ideas with MIrror

Here is a News !! We are shifting shortly. The new address is going to be Gyaneshwor instead of Dillibazar, Kathmandu. and thus i am head to toe busy in packing and making things go in the bags. yes, having a one year old baby and shifting to a new accomodation is not a joke. But hopefully it will short out in couple of days.

The new place is quite spacious downstairs but lacks free movements upstairs. Still, it looks like HOME ahead of moving in and this is a most positive factor for choosing it. New place photoes and update will be included in coming posts. Since I am in hunt to make things work in new place IMPLEMENTING ideas to make more space around, this post is dedicated for the same. Make space bright and large with MIRROR. My new found LOVE.

It's all about How to make space look larger through MIRROR. Scroll and do manage to see what magic is the Mirror. It's certainly not fair to limit it just for getting ready and make up !! 

Mirror at Entryway

One of my favourite is the decor at Entryway. It's the place where we hold our umbrellas, keys, some knick knacks and even the shoes/slippers to grab at last minute. Placing a Mirror of our choice will enhance the beauty of the corner. 

I like the way mirror has been intersectioned.

Very organized room for bags and shoes and a couch to seat upon while wearing and opening shoes. Smart !!

Who said Mess is not Beautiful ? Throw in some colorful furniture or cover and here is beautiful Entry way with Mirror. Ohh, and reminders in the mirror as well.

Simple, organized and elegant entryway. Imagine the look without Mirror !! It would have looked so DULL.

A large Mirror in a narrower place makes space look larger as well !

Staircase Space

Many of us ignore the most creative space around stairs and leave it blank and Boring. Turn your imagination into reality with Mirrors. and See how it works !!

Bedroom Interior

Bored from the paintings and photo frames, place a beautiful mirror above the bed to make the room larger and beautiful.

Make collage of the Mirrors to add some statement in the bedroom

Or, choose a mirror with creative touch.

Wall art

I am quite surprised with the result when i searched for the decor with Mirror. Its definitely upto us how we manage stuffs. Mirrors can make those EXPENSIVE wall art to run for their lives. It's itself a great Art in itself IF we think out of the box.

Collage of small sized mirrors. Beautiful

Window look

The latest trend in Room decor with Mirrors is in the shape of window. It will look Perfect in narrow kitchen cum Dining area. as it will give illusion of a Window.

Make statement with no art : just mirrors

Look at the pictures below which justify the fact that a large and perfect shaped Mirror itself is a Mark of the room. It can instantly spark up the living area.


Who said Mirror are only for Interiors ? Mirrors are widely used as the accessories in the outdoors and garden as well.

See how beautiful is The Secret Garden of Stacy. Please Note the Mirror here. Whole garden area is reflected in it.

Open up Dining area through Mirrors

So, Lesson of the day : never Underestimate just anything of this world. We never know when a simple stuff will turn out to be a TREND. Dont follow the trend, instead create something appropriate to you. Sounds Cliched' ! But it's TRUE. 

Have a smily time ahead. Thnkx for the read and Take care.

Disclaimer: Images have been searched in the web and used accordingly

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