Friday, August 17, 2012


A confession is here. Confession for: my passion to write about fashion, food, health, lifestyle and interior. And i would like to mention here that Fashion for me is everywhere in our lives. It's the way we live in, the way we take things and observe, the perception we give for something. It's all about presenting oneself. 

While talking about outfits, instead of following trends and styles blindly and just because we have to, Fashion should be wearable, comfortable and suitable to the environment we are living in and climate of course. So, i will love to be FASHIONABLE with trendy outfit but it should be comfortable first and suit my body frame.

While going through all the international rage towards fabrics like chiffon, georgette and lycra for summer, spring and even monsoon season; i would like to introduce our very own Nepalese cotton which are of the 'Export' quality and are very season friendly and wearable. The colorful range in Nepali cotton provides you the variety of options to choose from.

Most appropriate location to shop is: 
  • Thamel area in Kathmandu
  • Lakeside in Pokhara
Items range from : NRS. 250 to NRS. 1,500.00

Have a look for the prints, color and designs : 

# Easy Top can be worn with leggings, jeggings and Patiala Salwar. Add an ethnic shawl or scarf and you are ready to go. 

# Torquise Nepali cotton tnk top. perfect for summer and casual evening with friends and if you like, it's appropriate for the beaches as well.

# Orange Top will go perfect in white pants, black tights, leggings and even in jeans.

Some more Nepali cotton tunics..............


# variety of Colorful Maxi dresses to choose from


Floral trend is here to stay...........

# And Nepali cotton also offers choices for the men's wear as well

 Blue hand knitted cotton shirt
variety of colors

# Trousers in Nepali cotton that promise comfort and style.



I like this one the most. very trendy
Wanna go Hippieeeeeeee.........??

# Revamp your wardrobe with help of these well crafted Nepali cotton bags


Accessories for winter

# Jackets and Hoodies made from 100% nepali cotton with 3D Motifs and stiches for Men and Women.

Riot of Colors........

One of the shops at Thamel, Kathmandu where every outlet and shop is equally mastered for the products. But wait, you need to learn the art of Bargaining as well.

Fashion is all about style and elegance. Mix it up, spice iup things and there you are. Noone is born Stylish. And you dont need to spend oodles of money for style. An idea can make you look better.

And I promise, there are many things besides Temples, Stupas, Himalayas and trekking in Nepal. One has to explore to experience the rendezvous. Till then, stay cool, stay stylish and  above all stay HAPPY. Noone else can make you Happy besides you.

Thnkx for the read. take care.

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