Monday, August 27, 2012

A Mother's Diary

People say what's in the date ! But i know. When i look back into the date July 29, 2011; a joy fills over my body and soul. I still have butterflies in my stomach and what not !! The date is itched in my life as i beacme a MOTHER for the 1st time in my life. It's precious because i got to know what it really feels like to be a Mom and gradually knew what it takes to be a Mom in real world. 

There was a long wait of nearly 10 months and I've been such a emotional wreck. I know every woman in this world has gone through the same experience and mine is not the 1st of this world. But in my case, it was most amazing experience of my life till the date. It was like to get one more chance to live and feel the joy to be alive.

People almost everyday gazed to my belly and even ask in those last months of pregnncy if I am due with twins!! I was 82 Kg. I had that BIG belly and working 9-5 till the final day of checking into the hospital was the toughest part of my pregnancy. Yes, i have the perfect partner to share my woes and worries and he cared for the little needs of my life then, it was still tough due to the large belly i had. I had to manage. Manage to cope with the changes in body, manage to work with large and difficult body (having very friendly workplace also is not enough) and go errands of life in swelling feet , manage to be happy within for the sake of child.

I checked into the hospital on 28th July 2011 and i witnessed the real face of the Delivery room for the first time in my life that i busted into tears due to constant fear. Those Internal check ups in almost every ½ an hour, sound of heartbeats of many babies i heard while doctors were checking them and the FEAR for what's going to happen next was making me Worse. Literally Sick. 

And there came those frightful 12 hours of Non stop Labor Pain. What i felt at that is I was not able to cope with the Labor. Not to mention i did manage to irritate all the nurses and doctors with loud cries and begging help with everyone. Poor Me. However i listened to music when i was stressed, i did Pregnancy Yoga in the morning (every morning till the delivery date), and I made sure I ate right for the baby; Nothing in this world can make you sure of easy delivery. I have been through various websites and blogs since my pregnancy. It helped to make me calm, patience, easy and i started to love myself. It was helpful but i did know little that experience is far more different than whatever i had studied in pregnancy books.

But again, my darling baby refused to be born even in 12 hours of unforgettable labor, Doctors decided to choose the C-section for me. Frankly speaking, i was relieved to hear so. I was almost ready within minutes for the surgery and at 8:47 PM of 29th July 2011, I did manage to hear a beautiful bundle of joy crying and trying to make me aware of her presence. I was surprised; in spite of my heavy weight she weighed just 3.2 Kg. 

She looked like this after few hours of birth

And at the very time, i forgot all my worries 'coz i was waiting for the moment. It was my Re-birth as a person and as a human being. For me, I love my Mom even more with every passing second of my life. The experience changed me for ever. When i realized, I was completely a new Person. :-)

Thank you for the read. It was a long post with personal experience but i know I've shared what every woman of this world will love to experience once in their lifetime. 

Till the next post. Take care and be happy with your life.


  1. What a beautiful post. I do want to be mum one day and like you I am very worried about the experience. Everyone says that it is the best experience so I don't want to be deprived of it but at the same time I am very worried about the pain. You have an angle, she is so beautiful. Happy motherhood.

    1. Aww. that was so sweet of u. And be sure, you will know how your body automatically adapts to the changes in those months. and you'll certainly realize the beauty of giving life to a child.

  2. A beautiful post, takes the reader to the journey you've been through, Happy Motherhood :).