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How to reach Rara Lake: Rara Rendezvous

Life is Beautiful. And we get to know it even better after reaching Rara, the Largest Lake of Nepal. It's  rare beauty lies in the fact that it is among least explored Lakes on Nepal. Everyone who has reached in the site has no words to describe the breathtaking beauty. They further justify it's panoramic beauty can't be framed even in the sophisticated cameras. 

So, it is one of the most sought after Lakes for the trekkers and tourists since it was discovered. But then, it is not easily accessible. This is the bitter fact for Nepalese tourism for underdevelopment in Karnali region. However splendid natural beauty lies in the very region and we can only hope for the good governmental policies and implementation to carry out development in the area.

Map of Nepal


Map of Mugu District (where Rara lake is situated)

Facts about Rara lake:

  • Largest  Lake of Nepal
  • Regarded as one of the most beautiful lakes in Nepal
  • Located at : Rara Village Development Committee of Mugu district in Far Western Region and falls in  Rara National Park
  • Near headquarter Gham Ghadhi & Talcha Airport
  • 3-4 days walking from Jumla
  • Name formed 'Rara' : where the goat (Ra) was burnt (Raa)  
  • Total length 5 km, 2 kms wide and 8 Sq. Km surface area with approx. 9 km perimeter and 167 metres deep.

How to reach Rara Lake:

Most appropriate option :

Ø      by trekking agencies in Kathmandu
Ø      14 day Camping Trekking via Jumla
Ø      Rara lake can be reached  in 3-4 days of walking from Jumla
Ø      By Plane : from Nepalgunj to Jumla, From Pokhara to Jumla & from Kathmandu to Jumla
Ø      Bus ride from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj will take 12 hours

Good alternative to Reach Rara Lake:

Ø      Fly directly to Talcha airport near Gham Ghadhi village and Rara Lake
Ø      Fly to Talcha Airport through Yeti Airlines at $100 approx. or NRS. 4,000.00 one way for per person
Ø      Directly from Helicopter from Nepalgunj or Surkhet which is around 20- 25% expensive but will save tough walk from talcha to Gham Ghadhi & back.
Ø      75% of the construction of Highway from Surkhet to Jumla is finished which will make Rara more accessible in near future.

Rara Rendezvous:

I've been exploring Rara through pictures and exploring it in real is one of my wish list. here are some of them.
Sunset in Rara Lake

Local woman riding boat in Rara 

Shepherd leaves his sheep to graze above Rara Lake

Beauty at it's best

No taxi and Bikes : make way for Ponies in Rara region

Colors of  Nature

Forget about resorts and Hotels; home of the locals is only option around Rara lake

Misty Rara in the Morning
Photo courtesy: www.rajeshkc.com

Hardship of lives in Karnali region and Rara through pictures:

A girl adorning Nepalese National Flower Rhododendron in Rara region

We talk about latest food in latest franchise of MNCs. The child seems content with that small piece of Millet Chapati (Phapar ko Roti). And what an infectious smile !!

An woman with her children. Content and happy.

Children waiting to be snapped. Education rate : very low in the Rara region and whole Karnali 
     Image courtesy : International Nepal Fellowship
Local attire of people and trekking foot trail road in Rara region
Image courtesy : www.Rara-Lake.com

Explore Rara for it's famous breathtaking natural beauty and face the nuances of Rural Karnali life in western Nepal to cherish the moments throughout our life. 

Thank you for the read. and stopping by. Till next post, take Care.

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  1. Nice one Shilu, reminds me of my 45 days back in 2001. Truly "swarga ki apsara" as Mahendra had inscribed on the stone. Thanks for posting!

  2. very shocked by its flawless Beauty and thank u