Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Floral Trend: with Olivia Palermo

It's Spring somewhere and Summer here in Nepal with very little of Monsoon. So, keeping up with the wardrobe is more about summer here. After given birth to a baby and busy in household and office chores almost 6 am-11 pm (yes, i work endlessly!!); i am partial about summer season. I fear those days of winter now and i don't want to think about what will happen if i fail to wake up at 5 am in chilly winter days.......?? Ohhhh!! Forget it. I want to rejoice each and every part of summer days. The Cool Breeze i feel while walking in the road on my return from office (yes i walk), the sound of fan when i am in bed, that lovable long nights which allow me to sleep more 5 minutes :-) and not to forget the colorful outfits and exotic prints.

And this time i can see Floral Trend everywhere that i am helplessly dedicating this post to the Floral prints in women's wardrobe with help of Olivia Palermo. I haven't watched any of her movies, but i like the way she dresses. Stylish, Trendy, Classy and not Over The Top. There are many inspiration from her to make Floral prints work.

I haven't imagined Big Floral prints will look this great for a Red Carpet Dress.

Here, Olivia makes a simple white shirt be a combination for Floral print long skirt

Floral print in jumpsuit is already a rage and Ms. Palermo makes it comfortable with the Green Jacket

I have repeated many times, a simplest of outfit can be a stunner if combined with appropriate accessories. Be it the statement jwellery or the simple and clean make up. Olivia does justice to the floral print dress.  

And i like the way she does justice to her face. Very Dewy make up. Dont forget to notice the very elegant neckpiece. In my opinion, our very own 'Tilhari', and beaded Pote works very stylish with western outfit as well if combined in right way.

A simple printed shirt in floral goes as casual best

Olivia even chooses Pants and leggings in Floral prints to suit for the sunny days 

Or, Floral pants for the formal meetings !! She really knows how to do it !! Just throw the Blazer and change the Bag. You are done with casual look with the Floral Pants. Inspiration ?? Olivia Palermo.

A close look at the Floral Motifs..........

Everyone is not born with impeccable style but it can certainly be given a lift up. With the change in only bed cover, a room can look bright and beautiful. So is for the Clothes. Floral prints make the clothes look feminine and easy. Every season has it's own woes and wonders, and i feel good when it's sunny outside. It's better and more because of the Brightness it has. I love bright hues, either in decorating, or in clothes. We need to make those colors and prints work and see the wonders.

Some Inspiration for the Floral prints

A Saree always looks elegant in Floral prints

Floral Print Maxi Dress

Floral in Runway

Till the next Post : Stay Healthy, Calm and Positive. 

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  1. I am so glad our winter is finally going to be over and beautiful spring will be here soon. Floral are so in for spring as well.