Tuesday, August 14, 2012

5 classy ways to wear Red Pant

Many of us have been asking for the ways to wear a Red pant and not look Colorblocked !! While being an office goer, i am always stick to monotone ones, but Red pant and/or trouser is a great wear when accessorized appropriately. It can spice up simple look to a classy one if worn in such way. and this post is all about How to wear Red pant in casual to formal look. 

# Style No. 1 : Team up Red pant with Floral shirt, top to get a more formal plus semi formal look

# Style No. 2 : Accessorize Red Pant with evergreen black shirt, top and blazer (if needed)


Pop the outfit with burst of Blazer of same colour and it will be a stylish Formal wear

# Style No. 3 : Accessorize with tops in white, nude and earthy color palette

              Make most of the Red Pant/Trouser with pairing of  white and blazer/jacket  in black

Jessica Alba keeps the look simple yet stylish with Red pant and white shirt

Here is more .........Jessica Alba in Red pant and i am an avid admirer of her layering of clothes.

One of our neighbor celebrity wear Red pant with elan and very simple shirt in pale blue and i loved the way she completed the look with statement bracelets. Stylish, simple and corporate look.

# Style No. 4: Wear Red pant with stripes above

Note: You need to think about the shape of stripes. It will go totally wrong if body type is not considered.

# Style No. 5 : Team up Red pant/trouser with colorful tops and shirts for a sunny day

Ignore what i said earlier here. It's because Red pant can be worn even with colorful tops, shirts and all. Steal the look below and you will not regret. Just remeber to make no make up at all. otherwise the look with be a tacky one.

I know Jessica Alba is always right when she is to styling. Even in a colorful attire. !

So, here is to the Red attire as Teej festival is around the corner in Nepal. I hope this post is useful to many of you. Keep Dreaming, Think positive and Live simple yet  Be stylish. Sounds preachy ?? Yes, i admit sometimes i am. 

Till the next post. Have a blissful life.


  1. Great post and lots of style inspiration! Love my red pants even more:)