Monday, July 23, 2012

Refresh your life with Coral

Many times I've murmured to myself what would have been if there was a button/tab to refresh our lives. Seems childish! Yes, i do admit we need to be childish at some point of our lives. We complain; life is hectic and unmanageable with each passing days throwing up it's tantrums on the face of our fateful life.

Complicated!! So, refreshing up our lives once in a while is not a bad idea. The point here is to revamp our look, wardrobe and even home decor giving the way for Summer trend : Coral. Many of us are still not aware of the color and get confuse with Red and/or Orange.

Frens, Coral is different and so refreshing that just a hint of it in our lives can make us and our home look refreshed and recharged.

Coral color in wardrobe:

Coral trend in the runway:

How to wear Coral in different ways:

# It's one of the latest summer trend and can be used in versatile way without being too loud or too simple.

 # First lady Michelle Obama rocks it in right way.

# While Duchess of Cambridge wore pant in coral which resulted 2,000 coral pants were sold out in a single day in UK, many other seem to rock it as well. and its elegant. I loved the Coral Blazer worn with simple yet elegant little white dress with nude pumps.

# Refresh your bland office suit with  bright coral shirt or blouse.


No, i am not partial towards ladies, the gentleman can wear Coral shirts and T-shirt which can help make them look softer indeed though Coral is widely used in women's wardrobe.

# Use Coral in ethnic wear (Kurtis, Lehenga, Ghaghra, Salwar suits and/or Saree)

# Give your make up a Coral lift this season. Theme is bright, brighter and if you can carry it off, then brightest. :-)

How to use Coral in Home decor :

Trendy Home decor doesn't always mean to have expensive accessories, rich crafts and those eye popping price tags. It's all about the overall look and we can create simple yet 'living' and statement making decor and interior with right touch of coral. How ?? Simple, Go ahead !!

# Use cover of sofa and chairs in coral and you are done even in the bland decor. Mix it with white and even the black. Price tag depends upon the fabric you will use.

# Cushion covers and carpets in Coral color.

# Change the bulb, lamp, wallpaper, vase and or that simple furniture of the room in the coral color this season and keep them for the sake of next season. I swear you will thank me for this next year. :P

# No need for expensive wallpapers and wall arts. Just plain coral coloured wall can work wonder for us.

# I am laughing to myself, am I obsessed for the Coral !! No way, I am partial for the result it can bring out. Plain curtains in coral have modified the room from a blank one to 'Statement making'.

# I just love the concept of designer here. He/she has maintained the pristine look of the room with almost greyish Cupboard with coral interior background and should i answer for the result ? Its all about idea after all, how the things are choreographed. Any other carpenter here would have used in vice versa. Wood colored cupboard and blank white background. Think opposite and have great results.

# I am partial towards coral  because like those other colors in trend, Coral in everything won't go wrong. Here is the proof. In the pic, there is coral in wall, in furniture, and even in carpet.

Thought of the day : Happiness lies within us and it shows up in our face, behaviour and attitude. So, being happy and content within is mandatory. Refresh yourself very often through the activities you love and treat yourself in the way you will treat others. 'Life' itself is waiting for you to be lived. 

Till the next post, take care.

Disclaimer: Images have been serched in the web and used accordingly. 

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