Wednesday, July 25, 2012

21 Clever uses of Everyday items

Sometimes a great decorating project is right at our finger tips! We just need to look around the attic or basement or shed or in the kitchen! Everyone complains of having too much stuff, so look at your "stuff" differently! Here are some examples which we might have not noticed!! 

1. Empty match box turned into buttons and pins holder


2. Hold string tees to hanger with rubber band to get rid of them slipping from the hangers often.

3. Empty Tissue paper box used as Plastic and wrapping paper holder

4. Plastic holders in colorful pattern can be used as wall hanger in children's room

5. Vase and flower holder made refreshing look in the children's room.

6. Unused/Old shirts can be used as Cushion Cover

7. Old Mirror in bathroom got re modeled with attachment of vintage frame and some embellishments.

8. Empty Wine boxes re purposed as the cabinet in bath area. 

It can be adjusted in wall to get more space around

9. Old shower caps are useful to pack ballerina shoes and slippers while travelling

10. Old Grater used as Pencil holder. make sure it doesn't cut.

11. Use Magnetic stationary in vanity area to hold hairpins that you wont be searching them furiously in last minute .

12. Get maximum use of old toothbrush as it works as the cleaner for corn.

13. Do you have abandoned benches around your house ? Make them paint in color of your choice and make it the center of attraction of your home.

14. I haven't thought of re modelling an old table like this before . Very smart use.

15. Need to make statement with extraordinary stuff?? Make that folding ladder in the garden your table beside the bed. Wow, it also works as the book case.

16. Arrange bracelets, anklets and other jwelleries in old saucers/plates

17. Cutest of all, discarded test tube holder of lab gets re purposed in Cute vanity case. It Can hold all the essential make up stuffs that we need in hurry every morning.

18. Let the old roughed table be the center of attraction in your living area with just a coat of your favorite bright color.

19. Cake stand got a new name 'Bathroom stand'.

20. Use of old baby crib as Magazine holder

21. Most Simple of all. Just no effort. Place the empty Toilet paper roller besides basin or where you need in the bath area to hold pins, hair bands. It will save a lot of time.

It was a long read. But i hope you didn't waste your precious time. Thanks for the read.

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Source : Good Housekeeping India, UK and Real Homes