Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Re purposing Maps

Sometimes being different has itself a different note. Want to have some proofs? I already have for you all. Just do a little effort of scrolling down. Have we ever thought of decorating our rooms with maps and calendars? I had never thought.

# No words for the redone table. It's been adorned with ignored song script in nude colour. What an Idea!!

The room looks interesting and bright with maps of contrasting colors. 

# I just loved the way the table has been redone. The maps have made them brighter but the designer has been safe with non vibrating colour as white. It makes impression.

# And what about this bathroom with maps all around in the ceiling and walls. very unique. at least I 'vent seen like this yet !

#  Wall art ideas with maps !! I will love to do it in my baby's room in near future

# Best of all. I didn't know Maps could be this elegant.A first sight love.

Hope my efforts are useful for you as well. Thanks for stopping by.No, you don't need to search for the maps. Just have a look around and think how you can get maximum utilization of those abandoned things. Re purposing is the idea.

P.S.: Source of Image can be seen by saving the Pics above. 

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