Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Monsoon is in full bloom here in Nepal, and I've been getting attracted to pastel hues along with all those bright and bold colors. However you may regard pastel hues as the color of spring, but as I always assume colors don't have restriction, it's the mood and feeling which makes us to prefer one with another as season changes.

Pastel hues are one of the hit trends in runways last year and I don't think it'll disappear from our sight! Pastel colors are the lighter (or sometimes lightest) hues of any group of color. It looks good in home decor and wardrobe all year round which is a good reason to wear pastel shade. So, here we go for How to wear pastel shades.

Style Tip 1. : Wear Pastel with Contrast Color

Pastel looks great when pairing with contrast color. Black, Navy, Brown, Emerald; choice of contrast color is all ours!


Style Tip No. 2 : Pastel Monochrome

Monochromatic obsession continues and pastel is no exception. Single color of Pastel hue looks divine and feels cool to the eyes.

Kate Middleton, Amanda Seyfried, Salma Hayek in pastel color 

Jessica Alba in head to toe Pastel color

Mila Kunis in Pastel color evening gown

Style Tip No. 3 : Pastel in/with Prints

Prints are everywhere and combining it with pastel colors is never too loud or too casual. Perfect for day wear as well as dressier events, this combination is my personal favorite as prints can camouflage our bulgy area and pastel is never loud.

Style Tip No. 4 : Pastel Color Blocking

Color Blocking is here to stay. When an outfit is worn in 2-3 different solid colors (Not prints) it's called 'Color Blocking'. And pastel color blocking looks good for a cool summer afternoon.

Work your clothes in your favor. Have a Stylish day ahead. :-)


  1. I like Pastel :) this is my new Fav ♥

  2. Spring is just few weeks away so I am going pastel all the way :)

  3. yup it is M. and it will look cool too. on every skin complexion.