Thursday, July 11, 2013

Home Decor with Mixed Prints

Our Home is our labor of love and It's entirely up to us how we give it a face through home decor. I am always partial towards prints and patterns as Prints in fabrics and objects in the house adds instant personality and can do all the talking without making a fuss. A plain room, some prints and patterns and Voila ! No need for expensive items and furniture. 

How mixed print are you ? i mean we all love prints in clothes, some big ones, some graphical.....and many more. But in home decor ?? I absolutely like the pattern play.

Mixed prints Cushion Covers

# While playing with pattern in room, this picture shows how color is coordinated while playing with different prints. Note the print and color of rug and cushion cover.

# While playing with pattern in home decor, Rug and carpets play crucial role. As they provide height and dimension to the room. 



# Need to make statement without breaking bank and want to look somber enough through furniture ? Printed covers are the best option, decor wise.

# Sometimes being in contrast is a win win. and think about a simple fabric or piece of cloth in prints to make a statement. Even in frames !!

# While playing with prints, always consider for height of a room or place to decor. And other prints to be mixed with. It should not be overwhelmed ! Instead, the prints should complement one another.


# Floral prints and geometric can complement each other.

# Simple tale of curtains and cushions in prints in like color.

Even the nature itself has created examples of Mixed prints !! So, why should we hesitate to spark them up in our home ? 

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