Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Style Inspiration: Princess Letizia

A Cloth is just a piece of cloth if it's not adorned by the person wearing it. In simple terms, I always see there is a good reason to learn style and sophistication. Clothes are the epitome of culture to many of us and it is widely a matter of personal freedom and perception for how a person should dress. Chances are, be it any occasion and place, how a person is dressed will always be the 1st thing while creating an impression willingly or unwillingly. And dressing for no one but you will create immense self confidence as per my own experience.

Now hope you got the point. We are again into the style file of one of the persons who constantly appears in the International Best-Dressed List. She is H.R.H. Princess Letizia of Asturias, who resides at Zarzuela Palace, outside Madrid, Spain, is married to Prince Felipe of Asturias, the heir to the Spanish throne.


The 37-year-old royal’s favorite luxury boutiques are Armani, Gucci, and Burberry, and the fashion items she can’t live without are peep-toed and platform heels. Look for her accessorizing with a Tous charm bracelet inscribed with her children’s names, as well as Yanes, Cartier, and Suarez jewelry, and carrying handbags by Amazona de Loewe, Yves Saint Laurent, Burberry.

But WAIT!! No need to get panicked for the branded name as many of us will find it difficult to afford the style with those products in our common lives. Still, there is a huge way out for getting some style tips that can be found in the Princess's style book. Let's turn the pages of style tips that is eternal and timeless, that is what I am partial to. 

Style Tips :

1. Choose Monochrome to Elongate Height

Seriously!! Monochrome actually means the outfit in a single tone of color head to toe.  Either short or long, Princess Letizia often shows us her inner fashion sense that is fresh in fashion circle but timeless in history of style.

Monochromatic in bold or pastel, light or darker tones, selection depends upon individual preference. And dressing in a single tone of color always elongates one's height, as per stylists.

2. Choose for the perfect fit

A perfect fit is actually the fitting of outfit in one's body without looking too tight or too baggy. Choose a dress or any outfit that fits your body in proportion and flatters your overall look. It applies to every kind of body, shape and height. Fitted suits, sheaths are what Princess Letizia chooses for formal trips and meetings and we can't take our eyes off her. Can we?? :-)

3. Prints with neutrals


Prints are everywhere this season and Neutrals (black, navy blue, white, beige, cream etc.) are always a classic. Mixing these together will instantly upgrade the way you look. Either in the form of printed leggings or Printed and patterned skirts Princess Letizia has been wearing for formal outings, these are one of the timeless look that will never be out of style.

4. Neutrals with modern vibe

While wearing neutrals like black, brown, white, navy; Princess Letizia either gives modern appeal to classic look with her hairdo or cut and fabrics.

5. Again, Elongate Height with High waist and wide legged

Now, it sounds similar as we've seen Michelle Obama's style, donning it gracefully. Princess Letizia is another one who has been wearing wide legged high waist pants which certainly elongates heights and is definitely a corporate look to try for.

6. Color is 2nd Neutral

I agree. Color is for every season and gives sense of happiness wearing it. Afraid of looking too loud with vibrant ones? Explore coral, emerald, tangerine, and aqua. These shades give calmness and look great in almost every skin color.

Age is half how we perceive of us. This is what i have learnt from the experiences and outlook of people around me. And how we dress definitely is a part of it. Aging gracefully can be shown through wise selection of silhouette that suit our own body frame rather than what looked good on whomsoever. My Style Inspiration posts always try to emphasize on very fact. have a happy reading and channelize your own inner princess. Thankx for stopping by.

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