Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Musings of a Style Enthusiast

I've been continuously asked these days why didn't I take up to fashion and interior courses! Instead of giving some comments while answering them, I ponder into deep thoughts as it was what I wanted to be in real. I loved style, I loved nature, I loved interior, putting things together for a beautiful looking result. 

And I still heart all of it till now. But hey, I am into banking profession as I was a management graduate before. So, does my passion and love for Immaculate style, Getting ready for any event, putting things together and home decor need comma/full stop? In my case, I don't think so.

Yes, there are many people in this world today who get to study as per their personality and follow their instinct through their jobs. But how many?? For me, I was brought up in a tiny small village looking town (with full of life I would say) with dreams in my growing mind. Lack of adequate courses matching my personality; I took up to Management as many of us still do. And it has turned me a Banker today. If not a banker, I would have been a Bureaucrat, a Government Officer or something like that; but no....never a Style maven fashion enthusiast, Stylist or Designer or Interior Decorator. 

Now, my profession has turned me into a person with patience and I think twice before I speak. These are the best things we get in people related jobs. You grow with all the persons and happenings around you and that is same with me as well. Deep inside me, there is still a fashion maven, style lover who lets her wings whenever I am off duty :-).

I would like to applause those who fearlessly take risk of changing profession and get start from scratch. For love of ones' personality, for the way they are, for their inner peace; change is what they prefer. While I stay away from thoughts of getting into new profession due to fear of dependency. I am independent and I love the fact. 

Having said that, I will still continuously respect inner ME and follow my heart. Style and Passion for anything Never dies. 

Is your thought different of mine or you agree with me ? Thoughts are to be shared :-)


  1. You are as beautiful as your thoughts are. I love the way you express your feeling through simple words.

    You don't have to be designer or, stylish to be creative. I love creative side of you. You are blessed with good heart and soul :) not every people are lucky as you !!

    1. Beauty lies in eyes of the beholder. :) this is it pujyani dear. Thanks for ever appreciating words. Take care

  2. I wonder sometimes with similar thought but then I am quite happy with what I do as well as it pays the bills. As you said everyone has creative side a nd not everyone is lucky to pursue it and make it work in these sector. I think you are doing a great job with your talent in your dad to day life as well as in your blog so keep up the good job gal.

  3. Thanks m, it helps when appreciating words inspire. Thanks a lot and good luck to u too