Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rendezvous with Nepali Wood Architecture

Nepalese don't have as rich history as French and Italian have, still I certainly can say the country has some of its feature that one will find ONLY in NEPAL. Forget the corrupted political system, poor governance of state and VERY slow growth in economy for a while. Living in NEPAL is not as bad as it seems either. When we talk about Art, Craft and Architecture; one of the least developed countries in the world has a lot to offer. 

No, this post is not about Majestic Himalayas and one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Instead, what made me compulsive to dedicate this post this time is the Wood Art (Art crafted in wood) exclusively by the local Nepalese craftsmen. 

W indow of  a  Nepali ancient  temple 
Image via : Everest Uncensored 
Wood art and crafts can be found in temples, ancient public rest centers, palaces built in 17th century and even old fountains extensively found throughout Kathmandu valley and other historic cities. These are widely popular for the beauty and class it reflects and gradually some Nepali households are adorned with these stunning Nepali wood art.

Have a Look at them; you will instantly fall in love with the beauty of Nepalese Wood Art:

An old age Nepali window 

Popular Nepali  Peacock  Window 

Window in  17th century nepali palace 

Wood art above a Nepali door 

Nepali windows are remarkably used in modern buildings which are often used for resort and hotel purposes which are attraction for majority of tourists as well. Use of wood art in Nepali windows and fountains is something that makes our buildings and tourist sites exclusive and different from that of other countries.

Personally, I will always recommend to use wooden crafts in the windows, doors and pillars of houses to built in Nepal. Not only it will give traditional touch to the modern look of concrete buildings, it will preserve Nepali culture and enhance the look of the house as well. 
Beautiful Wood art in traditional Nepali Door
Image via : Shutterstock 

Widely found traditional Nepali art in Doors of a Nepali household

Wood art in traditional Fountain found in Kathmandu valley

Ceilings of Nepali temples are adorned with beautiful and mastered art of wood

Traditional wood art in pillars of ancient Nepali temples and palaces

Local Nepali craftsman giving wood a meaning through art
One of the finest examples of Nepali architectures found besides palaces and temples is Hotel Dwarika and Hotel Malla situated at Kathmandu, Nepal. Words can never be capable of describing the splendid beauty with simplicity the Nepali wood art has to offer which is illustrated in every nook and corner of Hotel Dwarika.
Hotel Dwarika, Kathmandu, Nepal
I love and respect the way the wood art of Nepali history is preserved in Dwarika Hotel and other hotels throughout the country. One will certainly feel the serene and harmony residing in the hotel which has so much to offer through wood art sprawling in the area of hotel.

Wood craft in Balcony area of poolside, Dwarika Hotel, Kathmandu

Nepali traditional crafted window interior decor in Dwarika Hotel, Kathmandu
A building looks totally different with wood crafted doors and windows. While the cost to include traditional Nepali window in all over the house is quite expensive compared to iron and steel windows, we can't deny that it will be investment considering a home is built only once (or twice) in a lifetime of a family/person. So, if not everywhere, including Nepali wood art in Doors, entry ways and Windows at the front of house will make any home look lavish and it will be a matter of proud to pass on to generations. 

After all, it's upto us how we preserve our heritage and culture. Little effort always makes sense. How would you like to use Nepali wooden art and crafts in your home and office? Have you already used it? Sharing is Brainstorming.

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