Sunday, December 16, 2012

Jeans in/as formal wear !!

Jeans has been already rated among widely used wardrobe staples. But in office wear? Many of us don't take Jeans as the office or formal wear as it's worn mostly in casual occasions. After all Jeans was not introduced for the office right? Now, what about making Jeans a substitute for plain and bland looking office outfits !! Think again !!

While some office and corporate house have dress code for it's employees, some still don't . Same applies to the business casuals. !! Straight, slim and wide legged jeans all can be incorporated into formal and semi formal outfits. And there are varieties of dark black and Navy blue ones available in the market (and in your closet too) which will easily Dose the eyes of people and chances are they will think you are wearing a cotton trouser instead.

Just REMEMBER! Don't be too fashionable and slave of trends while wearing Jeans into semi formal and formal occasions. and don't wear over the top looking jeans to formal occassions and offices that may make you look trashy and unethical to corporate world. A very good example of jeans that are appropriate for business casuals illustrated by Alison from Wardrobe Oxygen.
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Here is my take on how and why to wearing Jeans in and as Office/formal/semi formal wear.

# Jeans with Button down shirt (cotton, satin, or silk) will always give polished and not so over the top look to any outfit. So is with Jeans. Think about your body structure and frame while choosing right fit of jeans. The less flared, more better for formal occassions. 

Stay away from tooo wide jeans while wearing as formals

# If you are wearing top with Jeans as formal wear, choose with at least quarter sleeve and stay away from plunging necklines. Moderate designs as Ruffles in formal wear or lace work is acceptable. Tops and tunics with revealing hemlines and are too tight should be avoided. 


Sweaters and cardigans are great with Jeans; choose those with right fitting again for polished look. Not too tight and not too loose is the mantra. Don't forget your overall accessorized look will give teamwork effect to the jeans worn as formal wear.

Victoria Beckham in sweater and jeans
Victoria Beckham in Turtle neck sweater and jeans
Rihanna in sweater and jeans
 See, how great is the jeans for formal meetings !!
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# Blazers with Jeans in formal wear! Do I need to repeat again? (Follow my post about Blazers here). A Blazer is instant Lift up to any outfit. Jeans, skirt, maxi dress. You name it ! So, work with the blazers and outers you have or if you are trying to invest in one, get it now. It will save your formal evening with the jeans you already have. 


Olivia Palermo in jeans and black outer

So, next time when I will get ready for any formal meeting, i'll not hesitate to give my beloved dark blue jeans a second chance. Do you think the post is useful to you ? Or, will you wear Jeans for any formal occassion or meeting ? Feel free to share through comments. 


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