Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy New year with Burgundy

Happy New Year 2013

One of my lust list for This Fall/winter, and one of my favorite trend is the delightfully rich color of Burgundy or Oxblood. I couldn't have selected any other post to be the 50th, you see ! (ya, it's the 50th post of my blog :-) Burgundy is Worn with earth tones, jewel tones, or any other comforting fall color (or pattern for that matter) will add depth and personality to your ensemble. 

Pop on a piece of vintage Burgundy toned jewelry, or a bold lip or nail, and you will have the perfect fall accents to any outfit.

The Burgundy color comprises of nice Brandywine and even Apple Red could be taken as color close to the Burgundy.

The important thing to ensure is that with Burgundy, the color tones (the underlying color) all match. Let's spice up our dull winter with rich Burgundy color.

# Basically Cream , pastels, White and burgundy look very beautiful together. Add a statement neckpiece and you are done for a stylish night out.

Burgundy suit in Velvet with white. Total regal.

# Black is magic for Burgundy as well. Wear it or Mix the color with Black for extra sophistication.

Miranda kerr in Black pants and Burgundy color Bag. So clean and corporate look.


Olivia Palermo in Burgundy Leather Pant and Black fur Jacket. 

Burgundy bag and Burgundy Pant. Looks great overall.

Taylor Swift in Burgundy Top with Gray Pant is not bad either !

This look is to die for. A Biker Jacket in Burgundy, Black jeans,  and grey scarf tones down  the overall  look.

# Jeans (both lighter or dark shades of Blue works great with Burgundy top. Need a proof ? See Olivia Palermo below. Sigh !!

Olivia Palermo in skinny Jeans and Burgundy woolen Top. I loved her layering and statement neckpiece. Who says these are strictly for night and evening time? Think again !! 

# Accessorize with Burgundy color if you are planning to get in budget for this winter.

A Burberry Coat in Burgundy color (It's expensive though)
A Burgundy Faux Fur Jacket. Ahh love.

A Handbag in Burgundy color can also be wardrobe staple. It suits with most of the colors.
Mufler in Burgundy Color

Get smart on your own budget and play with your looks with varieties of Burgundy Color

Some Red Carpet appearances in Burgundy Color:


When it comes to traditional lehenga, this one is in my lust list. Burgundy and gold lehenga. A saree or salwar suit in Burgundy will also look great though.  
P. S : This is the season of celebrations and season to rejoice with dear ones. While in Nepal, New year 2013 AD will be celebrated with equal zest as in the western countries. Happy New Year 2013 for all the viewers and readers. Thankx for overwhelming response for the thoughts I share with you and ideas that burst in our blogosphere is amazing. This year was splendid in terms of response as I am a newbie in blogger's world. 

I look forward to enhance everything further or overall well being through my posts on home, fashion, parenting and my thoughts that'll ooze positive vibe within. Thank you for all the support and love till the 50th post of my blog. I haven't imagined this will happen this sooner. :-) Take care.


  1. Great post!!I like this colour a lot..its the new black!!

  2. ya certainly its the new black and it doesnt look boring as well