Sunday, December 9, 2012

How to use Emerald Green Color

The Pantone press release issued Wednesday night cited an emerald-hued Pantone-Sephora beauty collection to be released in the spring. Pantone's color of the year announcement usually comes with psycho-sociological musings from experts about how the new hue is "encouraging and uplifting" (Honeysuckle in 2011), or evocative of "hope and reassurance" (Mimosa in 2009), or suggestive of "a touch of exoticism" that's just right for the times (Tigerlily in 2004).
This year, Pantone's color of the year for 2013 is Emerald Green. 
It's a happy-go-lucky color and I love emerald green for jewelry and Interior. The color reminds us of simpler things such as grass and Mother Nature as Green is the color of growth, the rich tone is all about luxury, just like jewels and money. Pantone is describing the reason to choose Emerald Green being 'it' color as, “Lively. Radiant. Lush...A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony."
Now, that's nice, but what does this mean for us ? 
Do we really need to splurge in whatever trend is forecasted ? 
Again, it is upto us how we want to change the overall look. Point is, why not to give the Emerald Green color a try to re vamp your wardrobe (in budget) ? 
If you are trying to spend in new jwellery, do purchase with a emerald one. And if you already have outfits in white, black and Red ( I know you have :-)) , mix and match with Emerald green (again Belts, accessories, shawls). Just use the color in your benefit. Here are some hues of Emerald Green which can make change in our look without spending too much money. Now, that's a good idea. isnt' it ??

Emerald Green trend in Red Carpet

Choose which material in Emerald Green is needed for you and then shop as per your own budget.

Emerald Green Blazer for winter

Emerald Green works best with Black and White. So, team it up.(Hint : Black shoes, Black belts etc)

Katherine Middleton in Emerald Green Dress and Black shoes

Emerald Green blends well with grays, whites and muted yellows or blues. So, if you already have clothes and accessories in these color, give Emerald green a try.

We can bring a pop of color to gloomy fall and winter days! Just because winter is rapidly approaching doesn't mean you have to stick to basic black. Adding a rich green will make you feel bright and cheery.

Emerald is a jewel tone. So, take a hint from jewelry counters and mix it with rich purples, blues, reds, black and golds. It can even blend well with Gold jwelleries.

A Emerald Green Lehenga with deep purple, Gold and silver work

Michelle Obama in Emerald Green Dress and Maroon shoes

 Emerald Green in Decor of home and office

Good to know while working with Emerald Green color : 

  • The color is Lively and radiant just like the nature. All greens look good with bright colors. So, pairing it with bold yellows and oranges for an energizing jolt is a good option for Color Blocking. Can you see how the colors are blended in the bird ! That's it. just combine Emerald green with these natural colors. 
  • Emerald blends well with jwell tones. So it can be combined with gold, silver jwelleries (as we all can't afford Diamonds!) and even the gold and silver color. Note the Zig Zag Image above.

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