Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Urban Chic meets Country laid back !

Many times in my casual day, I feel like I need a getaway. To whichever place nearby that will save me from hectic sounds and errands of the city life. Though where I live is quite a town rather than a City actually, I still feel I should escape in countryside once a while. But again!! It's not always possible to make it being a full time job holder and a MOM!! There are many times when I need to be laid back rather of hustling and bustling around. That's why creating a space/corner in our home to give a look of a country home or making some possible changes in home decor is what I will love to prefer.
Now you got my point what this post is all about ! :-) An urban or semi urban home with a country feel and appeal is truly possible in our everyday life which is of course, in Budget :-). How? Here we go: 

Decor Tip 1: Wood and Jute are the ultimate idea.

Use Raw and unpolished wood if you want to get total country look. It can be used in ceiling, floor, table, chairs and even in doors and windows. Just leave the wood as they are inside your home and accessorize accordingly. Soothing Paint colors like Grey, Aqua and Off white; using Jut rugs are one of the best options for giving country feel in the home. Plus point ? These accessories don't need High Maintenance that of lavish carpets and rugs and are eco friendly.

Via House of Turquoise Blog 

These chairs have given the overall look of the room a soft and laid back impact.
Via SimplyKlassichome Blog

A well designed simple wooden counter for bathroom


Decor Tip 2: Think Out of the Box and Re purpose.

These are what I am addicted to and always prefer to do for almost anything in the home. And that's appreciated too. Re purposing old stuffs in the house (if some of them are ancient, glam factor is even high Remember!) can make a home little laid back and soothing to your eyes. Old Baskets and Almirah, Cupboards, table, stair unused, and even suitcases!! Everything has it's After life! So, It makes sense why it's been used to give a feel of a country home decor.

An Wood crate used as table and nick nacks !!
Via Decor8 Blog
Very smart use of an stray table

Creative Use of old Wooden gate
Via Baby Green design Blog

Decor Tip 3: Subtle Cotton, Linen covers can spark up a country home decor.  

If you are choosy about fabrics like Velvet and Chiffon, Don't use it to get laid back attitude of country home decor as these have very rich appeal and vibe. To make yourself in a soothing and not so High end ambience of country home decor, you need to choose materials and throws in cotton, linen, jut that are more cozy vibe than that of velvet. Use them as table runner, mat, rugs and in cover of almost anything. :-) Play with prints instead.

Via Becado Blog

Via Country living

Decor Tip 4: Leave the wall simple and plain for country home decor. 

Walls in white and grey is a plain canvas in itself. For a cozy country home decor, never choose a wall colors in bright hues because we only need calm colors here to go with the country vibe and blend with simple accessories. 

Via Urban Home Magazine

Home is the place to unwind and relax. The place to get the feeling of there is STILL so many things in life to feel CALM for. A Home decor in country vibe can make you feel exactly the same. To Let go!! That's what we all need, Isn't it!! Stop, Relax and Just Let Go! 


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