Monday, March 11, 2013

Celebrate feminity with Floral Applique

We have just celebrated International Women's' Day on 8th of March though I am still not agreed with the idea of dedicating a ONLY a single day in a whole year of 365 days!! The dedication of the celebration demands implementation and still a matter of debate worldwide. The feminine side of women also comprises of inner power, mental strength and endurance. Actually this post is so small sphere to cover what women really are. 

However staying in the positive vibes of the Women's day (what this Blog is all about), Let's celebrate our womanhood through Floral Appliqués trend that has appealed to me and I am enthusiastic about its use in our daily lives. While floral trend is still a huge rage in fashion and interior; Floral Appliqués is a technique that decorates an item with Floral patchwork or accessories. These appliqués can be used to enhance anything you desire! You can apply these pieces by sewing, Velcro or gluing. It can be used to embellish purses, revamp an old or plain T-shirt/dress by appliquéing your own floral designs onto it. How to use Floral Appliqués trend? Just scroll down :-).

Floral Appliqués in Bridal Wear:

Bridal and Bridesmaid dresses and gowns are always there to grab the limelight. A hint of floral appliqués and it's ready to steal the show. Big, Bold ones or very small delicate floral appliqués, almost every pattern of floral appliqué is attractive in Bridal wear. Appliques in same color and fabric as of the gown gives delicate and ethreal look.

Going Traditional; Use Floral appliques in sarees and Lehengas:

As far as our very own eastern wear is concerned, floral appliqué will only enhance it's attractiveness and feminine vibes which are these popular for. Designs of appliqués can be chosen in a wide range. 

Gowns and dresses love floral appliqué:

Look at the red carpet appearance in past and present ! Some finest examples of floral appliqués are found in UK and USA. Using it in various seasons in all summery dresses is what I've liked the most. Go for contrasting floral appliques in gowns and dresses to make some statement or choose same colored one if you are in demure mood.

Use Floral appliqué to enhance an old sweater, T-shirt, Tops and even dresses:
Give your old outfit a facelift with floral applique. As said earlier in this post, you can go creative and design for yourself and decide what works best for your top and sweaters. 
Inspirations are many.

Floral Appliqués in Accessories:

I loved the sweet and girly look of these accessories that are easy but not overdone with floral appliqué. Spring and summer seasons are the best to use it in accessories. 

Home Decor with Floral Appliqués:

Sky is the limit for home decor ideas and can't be restricted in right and wrong way. Give your home decor a 3D touch of floral appliqués that is simple yet statement making via Bed Linen, Cushion and pillow cases and covers, table liners and what not!! Just explore yourself, channelize your own creativity and be Designer for your home by yourself. This time, I am saying this to myself :-).

I love the 3D look that Floral appliqué has to offer. However it depends upon our own idea whether to use it in home decor or dresses. Is floral appliqué way too feminine to give a try for you or how you would like to use it in your life? Blogosphere is one of the best place to share.


  1. I love floral patterns. I use smaller patterns for clothes but big ones for accessories :)

    1. That's in my case as well. But it will look fabulous when used in home decor.

  2. I saw a lot of floral applique dresses and outfits during NYFW! Absolutely love this trend! Great post! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style Delights Blog

    1. Isn't it so feminine and beautiful ! I am loving these trends for home decor and I remember how mom used these beautiful floral appliques in patchwork for bed linen and table clothes. Style truly is eternal. :-)

  3. so good post...
    Happy to pass my Liebster award to you :)