Monday, March 4, 2013

Black and White Magic spells !

I often tend to wear Black in rush and for those last minute decisions to get ready. I think many people do the same. It may be a very dark color that defines darker than somber attitude and emotions Art wise. But in outfits, Black has always been in those most worn colors that is chic, edgy, smart and sophisticated. Black certainly has personality and adds to it's wearer as well.

While White is the pristine and elegant color. So pure yet polished. This time around may we look upon the style trend that has been showing in the red carpet this year by almost every designers. Internationally, Black and white is such combination which brings out best in every personality with various complexions. Wearing Black and White, Black/White can make us look gorgeous which has been proven by many celebrities; we only need to pick right fabric and silhouettes for our body. 

# Style Tip: Look slim even in all White outfit by strategically color blocking with Black

An all white ensemble may look you have gain weight in problem areas, explore the genius color blocking with Black. With these very cleverly placed designs, I think one of the major problem areas and flab in waistline can be hidden. It's never Bad to look better. Is it ? Experts swear by strategically color blocking trend.

# Style Tip: Explore Floral Trend with Black and White to make feminine with edge.

We've always loved Floral Trend in fashion scenes that it has made us tempted to wait for more. Opting for a Black and White outfit doesn't mean, we should look plain and stuck in one color frame. Explore the floral trend with Black and white outfits and experience that old Hollywood glam in your overall look. I simply love it. Red lips will justify your attitude.

# Style Tip: Mix Prints with Black and White. It only adds to your creativity and glam quotient.

There are polka dots, Stripes. Some Bold and some pretty smooth stripes! All is well when combined with ease in Black and white ensemble. Rest is in the eye of beholder. :-) A very day to night classy.

Who will forget Audrey Hepburn in classy polka dots and stripes mixed together !!

very casually dressed sriped back and white ensemble.

Have fun with animal prints !

# Style Tip: If nothing goes Right, wear the obvious one, Black Bottom with white top/shirt. Or, wear only white and Black as you wish to stand out! Adding a blazer might be a great option.

There are gowns and dresses in black and white that only catches attention every time in the red carpet. It's repeated, still a statement making and timeless. Or else wear white shirt with the wardrobe staple black trouser. Embellishments, blings and sequins will only enhance the overall feature.

The endless options are always there for a Black and white combination in outfits. As I've always said in my earlier post, it's upto us to decide what looks good on us, we only need to choose fabrics and silhouettes that is best for our own body frame. While inspirations from celebrities and designers always are advantages. Black and White magic have always made stunning spells through their appearances. However, choosing sheer, net fabrics are so appropriate for spring summer this year and always. It's timeless.


  1. Nothing can beat the simplicity and elegance of black and white outfits!! Nice collage selection! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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    PS. Unfortunately the Carolee giveaway is only for US:-(

    1. Thankx Jyoti. Your appreciation really counts. and I was all hoping for the giveaway for international viewers as well. Hope to see in future.