Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ruffles in Office wear

How many times we 'office goers' complain with ourselves for the way we dress for the office? In Nepalese urban and semi urban areas, unless there is any uniform specified; working girls and women are wearing western outfits (pants, shirt and tops) these days. However many are still attached to the well known and comfortable traditional Kurta Salwaar, the trend of work wear in western way are widely popular because it's practical for all day long and versatility with comfort. But do we need to wear just plain shirt, top with the pants and skirts as office wear?

There are several ways to make any dress look interesting and that vibe to wear them again and again can be created with making some changes in the outfit. Now, let's have a look for How to make Shirts and Tops look good with Ruffles. While wearing other shirts is not quite different from wearing Ruffled one, this post is about the polished look it creates. Ruffles are everywhere in the runway last year and still it's created a lot of buzz around as the design in Red carpet dresses and party wear. But Ruffles in Shirt/Blouse/Top can make any boring and old pants for office wear look Great, Feminine and Classy.   

Ruffles in office wear (Shirt and Tops)

If you are not comfortable with Sleeveless Tops or the personnel policy doesn't allow wearing in the office, team it up with Blazers, they will look effortless.

 Some Inspiring Designs of Ruffles in Shirts

Accessorize Ruffled shirt with belts that suits your body frame. Colorful belts in coral, cream are so in even in work wear.

While making Ruffled shirts, play with the Fabric in Shirt and Tops. Use season friendly; Chiffon, Georgette, Silk, Satin, Linen, Cotton work best in the Summer, Spring and Monsoon season.

I am in love with pastel anyway.

Some interesting ways to wear Ruffles in Office wear

Sade has done great job with Ruffled shirt in office wear.

Hope you liked the post and it's useful to you in some extent. Thankx for the read and stay cheerful.


  1. I love ruffles and laces on my tops for work. It gives you the girly edge.

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    1. It happens with all of us once in a while. so no worries. :)

  2. thanks for following dear.

    ruffles are a cute way to look stylish at work. Enjoy the week =)

    1. your blog looks effortless and one of a kind. keep it up.