Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How to Make Statement with Accessories

Two days gap seems long for me to be away from blogging now. And I am wishing you a very Happy Teej Festival which we are celebrating right now. Every married girl and even unmarried ones are geared up to enjoy the festival. In our Nepalese society, many fast and some don't. Still, there is no sneaking away from the charm of 'Teej' anyway. Every year, the celebration kicks off around beginning of September but this time it's late and falls on 18th September, 2012. Ladies of Hindu community are gearing up with Green and Red dresses, jwelleries (traditional ones with lots of beads known as 'Pote' and Gold) with prays in their heart.

This was the sneak peek into the festival coming up in Nepal. Let's come to this post.  While everyone is gearing up for the kick start of the festive season this year, it is natural for the ladies to adorn themselves with traditional Jwelleries (whatever they have actually). But in many other occasions like parties and weddings , I've witnessed various ladies who turn to the formal occasions decked up with whatever they have. They wear all kind of jwelleries at one go to be 'very attractive'.   

Trend of Statement Jwelleries and Accessories (wearing one or two piece of Jwelleries or Accessories that enhances whole look of the outfit in a person) is a far cry in our society and we end up wearing all of those beautiful set of jwelleries, wear the best shawl and carry that decent purse we have not to mention the heavily glittered shoes and outfits. Why not to learn to use every piece of jwelleries and accessories in specific way !! That's what Statement Accessories are all about.

What are Statement Accessories ?

It can be anything from Jwelleries to accessories. 

See, how Olivia Palermo does justice to her neck piece which is  in sync with her outfit and Fuchsia Purse with a Black dress!

Jessica Alba again shows her very attractive Gold piece with casual outfit. 

We will never go wrong with pearls that are trendsetters for the classic statement making jwelleries.

Beads (Nepali Pote) have lots of possibilities to fit in the collective items as statement making jwelleries. have we ever thought of giving them try with evening gowns and dresses. We don't always need Diamonds & Golds to make statement. What do you say ?

Make some of your very simple jwelleries blend with contrasting outfit with clean and decent make up. Even the ethnic and traditional jwelleries have possibilities to turn a simple look to a statement making one.

A Nepali 'Hansuli'

A Nepali Limbu women with traditional jwelleries and attire. Look at each of the piece, they can be combined individually for a stunningly simple Little Black dress or any contrasting Flowing gowns. Work with your imagination.

Or, Have a look at this picture of a Nepali Tharu Woman in traditional attire. Don't we have a rich heritage with very rich accessories?? The point is why not to learn to use them with any other outfit for any other occassion!! They will look awesome if blended with right kind of outfit.


  1. I am in love with Chunky statement necklaces and big ring this season. The only problem is they are so expensive :)

    1. but we can work with our own pote and beads too. they are on the budget and look great even in western outfits. just experiment and you will get the point. :-)