Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Evergreen Accessory : Blazer

Remember those days in school? We used to get ready in uniform with final touch of the Blazer (we also refer it 'Coat').I didn't know the very Blazer will be one of my favorite accessories now. Blazers have been in men's wardrobe but the result since it's journey into the women's closet is just amazing. 

Blazers can transform the look of any outfit from drab to fab. So, why not to include these very stylish yet simple Blazers into our wardrobe. And don't ever think that it can be worn only in winter. There are many fabrics that suit for the summer, spring and monsoon like georgette, cotton and Linen. Simply get a tailor made for your body and transform a regular outfit into a Stylish one.Let's learn how to wear Blazers from these celebrities.

How to wear Blazers in White Color



A white Satin Blazer has given a polished look to Deepika in otherwise casual ganji and jeans.


Beverly has combined her White Blazer with Classy Red pant and floral top, my favourite combination 

Good to know while wearing White Blazer :

  • White Blazer blends well in daytime.
  • It can be teamed up with Red Pants, shorts, skirts.
  • If the Fabric is Satin,metallic and Brocade; White Blazer is also best to wear in evenings.

How to wear Blazers in Pastel

How to wear Blazer in Metallic

Blazers in Metallic, silver, Gold, Sequined and Brocade are strictly for Evening  wears. 

How to wear Blazers in Blue Color

Combine Blazers with Long and Mid Length Dresses

How to wear Black Blazer

How about Flipping out the color of the Blazer !

Note the difference in the look of Jessica Alba in a same dress with addition of Black Blazer

 Black and White: the evergreen combination 

How to wear Blazers in different Colors

How to wear Red Blazer

Again, Beverly looks her Formal best in Red Blazer. I like her combination with  Red, Black and White with Chunky neckpiece.  

How to wear Printed Blazer

 Things to remember:

  • Satin, Brocade, Silk and Metallic Blazers : For evening wear
  • Floral, printed and chiffon Blazers : For day wear
  • Blazers can hide our flabby abs and give a toned look. Wear a statement neckpiece and you are ready to go.
So, next time when you are getting ready, don't underestimate that old Blazer in the closet. It may spark up your new outfit as well. 

Take care and have a wonderful time.


  1. This was so helpful! I recently brought a blue blazer and I just wasn't sure if I could pull it off or not. But looking at the Jessice Alba pictures really makes me think that I can pull it off too!

    1. Yes, you can. and looking at your picture, i am sure you can pull it off with grace as well. Just be minimal while choosing the color of outfits. Blue Blazer looks best with White, Light yellow, Cream, Peach shades of color. Thankx for stopping by.