Sunday, June 10, 2012

Smart storage and beautiful home

Damn ! what a uncluttered room." Ever now and then when i step into room or nooks of house, i utter those words. Sometimes terribly tired of making things work and sometimes taking in charge to manage everything. How long we have been waiting for some smart storage options, tips to manage storage and simplify our lives ! Go ahead with the simple and smart options to make everything easy.

Storage Ideas :
# See How a space near the TV is managed !! There are lots of space still remaining to be filled upon.

# One more, Note the staircase, how the corner space is utilized to its optimum level. 

#  Play with monotone of colors. and that dash of red through the shawl on Sofa looks lively in the setting of black and white. Note the cute shelf with doors upon the table. wow..

# Have we ever thought of the coffee table which could be used as the study cum Mini Library ? See the smart storage holders for books. There is bar which is section to categorize the books and/or magazines as well as well. We should really "think out of the box".

# Just because we have a relatively smaller space for bathroom doesn't mean it should be bland. How well a shelf in the bathroom could be designed! The shelf is kept above the commode and the towel hangers are just placed in smart way which makes optimum use of the spaces available. 

# One more, how many storage options can u see in this picture ? :-)

 # A relatively small bedroom ? No worries, the blank space above the bed can be used for the well crafted storage cabinet and shelf. The choice is your with colours. 

Play with Colours

# An art by itself. Amazing play of bright hues and statement making mini statues (yes, i don't know the name) work best for the room. The Red geometric shapes art in the poster, the play of orange, pink, red in contrasting white walls give so much appeal to the congested room. Note the sitting area created in the walls. Beautiful is the word.

# Who says Black and white is boring combination. The smaller room below has the decor in the very theme and see the magic !! Picture perfect. Note the 'No fuss' in windows. just plain bland white windows have so much appeal to the room where colorful curtains fail to give sometimes.

# Here is an example of making a statement Bath area. with a bland Black wall.

 Save time with idea in Entrance:

Have you ever felt that if only the keys were before hand while locking the door or moving out in emergency? I've felt so many times. The hurry, the hustle bustle and just no time giving mornings create hassle for many of us.Why not to get some ideas :

# If only had i kept those umbrella and jackets/wind cheaters like that in the pic. Its just so simple!!

# And what about some basket of bucket to make those drenched umbrellas to get in . Will surely keep one like this.

# One more for you 

Ahh i just love all of them. Quite simple. So what about creating some good changes around us ? See you all in next post which is related to the ideas as well. have many of them. Till then, stay happy and spread happiness. :-)

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