Thursday, June 7, 2012

10 smart food ideas

Tip #1: A bottle of expensive bubbly gone flat? Bring it back to life by popping a couple of raisins in it! 
Tip #2: Love to carry cut-up apples in your lunch box but hate the browning that is bound to occur? Cut the apple and secure it back with a rubber band and see the magic.


Tip #3: Bought one too many bunches of seasonal herbs? Preserve their green freshness by chopping them up finely and freezing them in an ice tray with just enough water to cover them. Pop out the cubes and store them in a labeled freezer bag.

Tip #4: Handed over (dry) lemons? Get the most out of them by microwaving for a few seconds before squeezing the juice out.

Tip #5: Love walnuts but hate the hammering and splinters? Cut down the labor and mess by freezing the nuts for a couple of days. Inset a knife-tip into the hole at the base of the nut and twist - the shells come apart easily.

Tip #6: Want to decorate a cake like a pro? Use a hairdryer on 'warm' setting over the frosting to make it smooth, shiny and flawless.

Tip #7: Hull the green stem of the strawberry neatly with a straw before you mash them or use them for a dessert.
Tip #8: Put bananas and peaches together in a paper bag to ripen the latter. 
Tip #9: Don't want your fingers to reek of garlic all day? Break away the cloves and place them in a bowl. Cover with another bowl and give it a good, hard shake. Say voila to peeled garlic!

Tip #10: Frozen fish smelling a bit off? Soak it in some milk while it defrosts to get rid of the "freezer-y" odor.


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